VG Chartz: PS3 First Year Sales Match X360's

Despite a common misconception, the PS3 is actually on par with the X360 in terms of sales by the end of their first year of release.

PS3: 5,552,074 sales
X360: 5,656,039 sales

Please note: If you consider VG Chartz 'inaccurate', its deviation of accuracy will be similar for all consoles.

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toughNAME4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

the credibility of VG Charts is constantly challenged by Sony Fanboys (mostly because VG has the burden of being the bearer of bad news)

Yet this headline will bring the Sony boys in the hundreds...mashing the Disagree button as fast as they can

wil4hire4892d ago

Sony Fanboys have nothing to do with how inaccurately VGchartz documents data.

NPD's data is always correct, and drastically different from what VGChartz has made up.

the worst4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

5 million plus with no gamez
10 million this year we got games now

4892d ago
consolewar4892d ago

this year's beating. There's always a tomorrow Sony droids.


oohWii4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

"5 million plus with no gamez
10 million this year we got games now"

you forgot to tell the whole story. 5 Million plus with no gamez, 2 news skus, additional sku changes with bundles, Blu-ray disk give-aways, a clearance sale, and 2 price drops.

I don't think the 360 had to do any of those things in the first year that that's with RROD.

Edit: Also, a lot of people didn't buy the 360 in the first year because they wanted to see what the PS3 had to offer. Me being one of them. After the PS3 came out, my decision to get the 360 was that much easier.

The 360 had the RROD issue to contend with, which definitely hurt its sells. The PS3 had no such problems. And still came up slightly short.

Rooftrellen4892d ago

"NPD's data is always correct"

That's fairly amazing when they, themselves, admit they aren't 100% accurate. I believe they are off by up to 5%.

The only way you could get 100% correct data is to have someone at every store counting every sale. Unless you can do that (NPD doesn't), there will always be some error.

NDP numbers are estimates, just as vgchartz is. Vgchartz, however, covers the world, not just NA, and they don't have as many sources, leading to less accurate estimates.

However, NPD is always wrong, as well, if more accurate, as well.

AnalFace4892d ago

I'm laughing at you MART ahahahaha!

Real Gambler4892d ago

"I don't think the 360 had to do any of those things in the first year that that's with RROD."

Yep, the 360 had NO COMPETITION for the first year!!! Why would they have done anything. Yet, the PS3 sold has many console in it's first year, despite the fact that it was more expensive... So now that games are plenty, and the price is down, what do you think will happen to the 360 after the Christmas sales if they want to compete with the Wii and the PS3... Watch out for the mega price drop on January second. They have no choice now. Anybody would be totally stupid to buy a 360 before Christmas...

ruibing4891d ago

Hmm, a nice theory, but here's my take on it.

After the 360 came out, MS abandoned the Xbox, so all gamers would now need to buy a 360 for any MS games. In the meanwhile, they are essentially battling the PS2 and Gamecube with a next gen system meaning they had a monopoly.

Now we look at this year, when 360 is on its second year with more support and a bigger game library and the Wii with its insane popularity, yet the PS3 still manages to have the same amount of success the 360 had without cutting off life for the PS2 and equal competition from all sectors. Now that is something.

dfcm20034891d ago (Edited 4891d ago )

Ignore1.5 - @the worst
"5 million plus with no gamez
10 million this year we got games now"

you forgot to tell the whole story. 5 Million plus with no gamez, 2 news skus, additional sku changes with bundles, Blu-ray disk give-aways, a clearance sale, and 2 price drops.

I don't think the 360 had to do any of those things in the first year that that's with RROD. "

Yea 360 5.6 mil * .30 (%30 failure rate) - 5.6 mil sold = 3.9 actually working after just 12 months. Yea brag about your 360 lol.... Here is the Sadist Part of the whole thing, The 360 had NO COMPETITION and its all it could sell is 5.6. Yea laugh at the PS3 lol gezzz.

jmoneezie4891d ago

What makes you think your theory is any better than oohwii's. At least he has an original theory, you guys sound like a broken record. "RROD" is all you guys talk about. After looking at both side (His and all of yours) his points IMO are more valid.

@1.8 "Yep, the 360 had NO COMPETITION for the first year!!! Why would they have done anything. Yet, the PS3 sold has many console in it's first year, despite the fact that it was more expensive"

Okay, LOOK BEYOND YOUR LOYALITY. Sony had a clearance on the 60 gig, did they do this out of the kindness of their hearts or did they notice the the PS3 wasn't selling. Why did they offer the 80 gig, to be nice or to make the PS3 appear more enticing? Why did they then (All in the first year mind you) drop the price of the 80 gig to 499, and then create the 40 gig sku and price it at 399.00. Let me guess, because they love their customers and wanted to do something nice. NO! they did it because they wanted to sell consoles. So no sh!t sherlock they sold 5.5 million, they practically had to pimp themselves to do that!

@1.9 - Read @1.8. Also, what do you call making the 40 gig sku not backwards compatible. In a way it's abandoning the PS2, in fact they are actually in their own wierd way sabotaging the loyal PS3 fanboy to try and sell more PS3 software. (Let's not even go into the software, I'm sure you'll be using the 360's year headstart the otherway around in that case.)

@1.10 - read @1.8 and @1.9 above, also you forgot to mention the PS3 failure rate (let me guess, you think it's 0 percent. yep that's what I figured.) You said "Here is the Sadist Part of the whole thing, The 360 had NO COMPETITION and its all it could sell is 5.6." okay, so why didn't you buy a 360 since it had no competition, because I'm sure had Sony not made the PS3, you'd have a 360 in it's place. Here's why you didn't, because you're a loyal sony fanboy and you decided to WAIT for the PS3. Is that not competition, do you not realize how many loyal sony fans WAITED for the PS3. Just because the PS3 wasn't on the shelves doesn't mean there wasn't any competition.

To all three of you, the biggest competition for the PS3 is NOT the 360 or the wii. It's its own older brother the PS2, that's right, kinda like have you brother beat up your other brother while the neighbors laugh at the one being beat up.

So, see it as you will I really don't care, I only made this post because although oohwii had some valid points, you guys did what fanboys here always do and just kept clicking "disagree". But, the fact is, whether it by 1 or 1000 units, the 360 still out sold the crowd favorite in their first years. And lets not talk software sells.

ruibing4891d ago

I disagree with what you said on two points:

1) We are talking about what attributed for the PS3 matching the 360's sale, but the 40GB was not introduced until the end of its first year, not even a month for some territories.
2) Also, the lack of BC did not abandon the PS2 as it instead makes people who don't have one either buy a PS2 or a 80GB PS3. Abandoning the PS2 would be ceasing manufacturing on it (instead Sony has just released a new hardware slim revision that removes the external AC adapter suggesting it wants to fuel more life into it). I believe Sony wants the PS2 and PS3 to live side by side for all gamers so those who want the cheapest, yet most widely used, console available can get the PS2 and then simply upgrade to the 40GB later on when their favorite franchises from the PS2 appears on it.

jmoneezie4891d ago

This is exactly what I am talking about. You're reading and comprehending ONLY what you want to hear. I never said Sony totally abandoned the PS2. What I said was "In a way it's abandoning the PS2" Meaning, the PS3 brand from the beginning was suppose to be fully backwards compatible. This was one of Sony's main selling points for the PS3 to try and get PS2 users to migrate to the PS3. They then (to save money) so-called phased out the 60 model with hardware compatibility and created the 80 gig which has less compatibility due to it being software compatible. After that, they released the 40 gig with 0 PS2 compatibility. In some ways, the IS abandoning the PS2. You're right, they didn't stop making it, because if they had they would be complete broke now because the PS2 has been their bread winner even since the release of the PS3.

You claim that the 40 gig had no impact on PS3 sells, I believe there were quite a few 40 gig models sold in europe. Which did indeed impact the bottom line for the PS3. Another argument being used is that the PS3 was not out in all territories during the initial launch. It's not the worlds problem that Sony chose to launch the way they did, in fact, the only did it they way that they did it because they didn't have the units for a world wide launch, and they had not worked all the bugs out for the PAL system yet.

Don't get me wrong man, I love my PS3 and My 360, I also love a good debate. (Not argument or bashing, just a good debate.) I just feel that although your argument has some valid points, and some great angles, you are NOT open to other peoples views even when logically at times they make more sense than yours.

ruibing4891d ago

Your probably the first person I've had a debate with that actually came off as reasonable, so I'll try to keep my last counter points brief so as not to seem too bellicose.

No one was more shocked than me when the 40GBs were announced without BC (thought it was just going to be the 20GB with software emulation). But as time went on, I've begun hearing of my friends from home with PS2 eager to buy it or have already bought it. I agree Sony should have let BC remain, I mean I have the 60GB version for a reason (I never owned a single console before this), but it really remains to be seen whether it will pay off. Now the main question is whether this helped drive their PS3 sales, and the answer is that it didn't help as much as it could have (if they had retained BC) but it reduced each unit's cost (if you look at the PCB of each unit you'll see the reduction in discrete ICs and components).

As for how much 40GB has been sold for 1-2 months, I think it is pretty small percentage of 5.5 million. And again, I believe it would have accounted for more if they had retained BC, but without some polling we can't tell whether they were able to attract a larger market thanks to it.

I look forward to resuming this debate a year from now when the second year sales have been resumed. Cheers!

jmoneezie4891d ago

Hey thanks for replying without appearing to be bellicose. I too would rather debate without being or appearing to be too pugnacious. It will be interesting to resume the debate in a year. By then the results should surely be compelling.

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gamesblow4892d ago

At 200 dollars more for the better half the year too. I impressive. Go Sony!

SmokeyMcBear4892d ago

that is what amazes me.. at almost double the price.. with no games.. and having that crazy selling console the wii to deal with.. it still seemed to match the sales of that other console. Yet it is bashed to death.. gotta love the hate man.. LOVE IT.

The Brave 14892d ago

just wait till the heavy hitters start coming in(MGS4,Killzone,LBP,FF13,8 days,GT5 etc.)then u will see the powr of the playstation brand

crck4892d ago

The only competition the 360 had its first year was the PS2 and no publications bashed its first year sales. The ps3 has had to contend with the 360, Wii as well as Sony's own Ps2. And all you get from these media outlets are constant bashing of the Ps3. Me thinks a certain software giant is shoveling money down the pants of some websites to create the illusion of failure. The ps3 hasn't caught fire like Sony had hoped but it is far from the doom and gloom that some sites would have us believe.

Kleptic4891d ago

haha yeah...the ps3 had 2 other consoles to compete with its first year, and was nearly double the price of said competition, still managing to match that of the 360's first year...the 360 had not one "next gen" system to contend with its first year...only the PS2...of which kicked the utter shat out of the 360 that entire year...

the absolute worst first year of any Sony gaming console...matches that of MS's best has always been funny to see MS fanboys act like the 360 is going to dominate the PS3, yet in its first year with all its short comings...matched the 360's first year...will be interesting to see what happens through 2008 with MGS4, KZ2, FFXIII, GT5, etc....and the 360 having...Too Human?...

either way none of this crap matters...its just funny to see how many people have to pull their own foot out of their own ass after news like this...this single article shows how ridiculous it was for dumb feck fanboys to write off a system just months into its life cycle...and equally funny to the Sony fanboys that claimed the PS3 would destroy the 360 in just months...neither happened...the only thing that did happen was a girly little white box stole the year from both...


More than that, if both would sold 5m on first year, X360 also sells about 5m second year... So not only PS3 get on par with 360's first year, but also fight good with all it's problem and a first generation of games with the second year more stabilized and with now great games from 360 (aside Gears Of War, that is really good and is a first year game).

And don't matter if you go for NPD/Enterbrain/GfK numbers, which is way slower, they'll show you the same...

If you go for firm claiming, it gets worse. Microsoft clains that they sold 7 or 8m by GOW arrival... I don't remeber exacty. But then, this year, tey claim 12m... It's not more then 4m this year... Sony clains 6m. So, by firms, PS3 outsold X360 this year...

So, anyway you look, PS3 don't have made that bad at all... Still, I would not take any of this number to the heart... Even because they don't really matter.... I have a PS3, I'm now satisfacted with what I have and what is on the forseable future... So who cares anyway?

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MaximusPrime_4892d ago

cant complain. i expect Xbox 360 to be similar to PS3.

Xbox is the BEST4892d ago

360 had a shortage till March/April of 2006.

HarryEtTubMan4892d ago

Yea right stop lieing... There is no huge fanbase of Xbox fans. Thats why after releasing Halo thateir still at 13 million. Its gonna come in 3rd buddy. Like it or not.

cr33ping_death4892d ago

so why is it that it wasnt bought up like crazy after the "shortages"?

SmokeyMcBear4892d ago

the ps3 wasnt even sold in europe till march.. duhhhhhhhh.. touche'

razer4892d ago

and look at all these disagrees. I remember calling and calling and sitting out front of stores when the 360 launched so I know exactly what he is talking about. Blame it on a worldwide simultaneous launch or whatever, you could not find a 360 on the store shelves until late January and some places even longer. Many might of just bought a PS2 or changed their minds all together.

And to answer the other comment: They did buy them up, but as with all things supply eventually catches up to demand. Unless you artificially starve the supply line like the Nintendo is doing.

Are we really trusting VGAChartz now?

Xbox is the BEST4891d ago

None of these Sony fanboys tried to get a 360 at launch. They waited for an inferior game system.
Play Beyond

lawman11084891d ago

And that Circuit City only had 30 of them. The Wii was easy to get the 360 was not.

lonestarmt4891d ago

What a silly argument. Did any xbots try to buy a ps3? No, what a lame comment.

You also forgot how hard it was to buy a ps3 when it first came out. Trust me it was hard. I had to get it two months later because they were damn near impossible. I had two friends at different targets and they would sell out faster than the wii's now. So thats a mute point because the same thing happened with the ps3, even more so, you didn't see 1,000 dollars 360s on ebay. lol. To be fair, most likely all those sales at first were by people who had zero attention of ever playing a ps3, and they were simply just trying to make a profit by selling it for twice as much. How quickly people forget things. lol

waltercross4891d ago

The PS3 was hard to find, I Saw a PS3 on Ebay selling for almost $4,000, Each Console this generating had shortages.

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Jay da 2KBalla4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

Who really trusts VGcharts anyway?

Even if ps3 sales match first year xbox's sales, what does it matter? Ps3 continues to be in third place, it continues to sell the least amount of software, sonys first party games continue to bomb (not one game has sold a million since motorstorm), it continues to be outsold every month by 360 and wii, and multiplatform games continue to look and play better on the 360 or at the very least be equal on both platforms which is really sad. What sense does it make to pay for a more expensive console just to play sh!ttier games. Guess what? It doesnt. That is stupid as hell.

Stop living in the past sony fanboys.

n4gno4891d ago

Don't dream xbot, it's over. (ratchet and clank, uncharted, cod4, ...)

xbox is far more expensive with only wifi and live, HD dvd drive and more. (and it's not quiet + rod)

waltercross4891d ago

I've heard people call the PS3 a Inferior machine, I had to Look twice to see if I was seeing that right, an Inferior machine is one that dies on you A.K.A RROD, or one that sounds like a 1982 Cheval Malibu, or one that has a Tumor hanging out of it(Power Adapter), the only thing that the 360 Excels in is games, and that is because of It's year headstart.

But that would totally suck if you get the RROD when your totally attached to playing a game, the friggin Warranty Isn't even worth it, wait 2 weeks to play?, Tell that to any true gamer and they would be Like WTF?.

I'll admit, I Don't have a 360, I Do have a PS3, So Let me Tell you this, The Power Cord on the PS3 is not no bulky Tumor, It's a REAL Computer power cord, That My friend has even used for his computer monitor.

When I First saw a 360, my first thought was a Old Ford vehicle.
When I First saw a PS3, I Thought: UFO?...LOL, in other words It's slick design is out of this world!.

You get what you pay for, cheap crap thats not Innovated, pay twice that to get one that is Innovated and made to last, I my self prefer a Long Lasting reliable piece of machine that I even use as a secondary computer.