GameSpy: Battlefield 3 Graphics Showdown

What's the difference between the PC and the console versions?

Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2.0 engine promises to push your PC's silicon to melting point, but how does it look when running on the consoles? With the beta eating into our sleeping hours over the last week, we found the time to grab some 360 and PC footage to see just how different Battlefield 3 looks when you spend a grand on PC hardware.

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trancefreak4142d ago

I'm watching this and i can see the apparent issues with the console version especially the pop in and the light flickering on the building to the right. But it really looks like the same game from this small boxed video. I know we'll get the pc version which will showcase the game, but I really think dice is doing a good job here making it appear as they achieved the same game between all platforms.

deadpoole4142d ago

Its just tht X360 version is havin really low rez texture ... Ive been playin on Ps3 for almost 5 days ... graphics doesnt look this low rez at all on Ps3. Maybe they r messing with X360 feed.

annus4142d ago

*comparison of beta*

Dice have stated that this isn't the final graphics, especially for the PC. The beta for PC was 4gb, if they didn't trim it down it would have been massive.

spartanmike19784142d ago

What specific graphic issues would everyone like to see fixed for the retail version? My opinion is fix the textures on the scattered objects like the subway seats, the boxes and sandbags, the concrete railings, their not bad just blurry, also the character models in the killcams could be more polished along with the grass textures. On the other hand, the rocks look great, the water and lots of the city areas, non grassy areas and building look great.

0neShot4142d ago

So the rumor that there was no demo of Xbox360 of BF3 before the beta is all TRUE, and that is, frostbite 2 did not do a thing to improve the graphics in Xbox360. BF2 actually has finer textures. What a disappointment.

Hufandpuf4142d ago

you must not know the word "beta". 1.5 gigs of data will not contain an HD capable game. The beta is old. And plus, the 360 version will have an option to install HD textures onto the 360 from the second disc.