PSM3 Reviews. Assassin's Creed 81%, Call of Duty 94% and more

Here are the latest game reviews from, UK PS3 mag, PSM3.

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MK_Red4076d ago

Guitar Hero 3 is fun but when it as a game that's almost not much different from last year's game aside from new songs and new boss mode (But only 3 boss battles) scores 9/10 while a superb new IP that at least tried to do new things and has succeded with some of them gets 8.1/10 there is something wrong here. And 5.8/10 for Kane & Lynch? Even more proof that reviews are getting more and more personal and less professional. Some say these are just opinions but then why do they get paid? If people wanted opinions, they could go to forums and chatrooms. Magazines and sites were "supposed" to give professional reviews.

SWORDF1SH4076d ago

good point but you cant give a game extra point for jus tryin. if you read there review they have a lot of good stuff to say about it but at the end of the day they have to score the game for what it is. guitar hero got 90% because its fun and as great replay value. assissn's creed, although tries something different, gets a bit repeative and as flawed gameplay. play the game for 30 mins and you'll love it. 2 hours in thou and it starts to grate and thats from first hand opinion

ATLRoAcH4076d ago

I like Assassin's Creed even though it does have its flaws.Its still new and unique.What other game can you free roam a city in the third crusade? I think had the game been bug-free, it would have scored better.I give them 100% for the idea alone but as a whole it has its problems.I've played it for about five hours and I'm still into it.You have to get into the story.I also just beat CoD:4 a few days ago and wow.What a great game.Its not perfect but when you think about it nothing really is but I'd say that score is dead on.
They can work with the idea or setting if you would with AC 2 and really pull it out.Lets hope if there is a sequel, they work harder on the gameplay and debug it before release.

Snukadaman4076d ago

The game on the xbox 360 is quite clunky and unfinished. being made by the creators of hitman, you get the feeling of the game being a hitman clone with extra baggage as in extra npc's too worry about. Im going to give it some more time tonight but thats my impression after 3 levels.

jiggyjay4076d ago

I didn't think any game would score worst than lair!

chanto234076d ago

I have nothing against you but do you even play all this games before giving your opinion? i see you all over the place talking about this review and that review, how some are unfair etc etc but i ask can you know a game got an unfair review when in most cases the game isnt even out yet??

Have you played Kane & Lynch??? i guess not cause i have it right here on my xbox and its a big piece of garbage...5.8 is a fair score considering how bad this game is...