UGO: Mass Effect review

Ouch BioWare. Just... ouch. The creaking, overworked hype machine spits out one of the last HUGE holiday releases this week in the form of the Canadian developer's long-awaited Mass Effect. Despite a brilliantly written story, excellent voice acting and a brand new fictional sci-fi universe to explore - complete with its own rich back history - the game falls disappointingly short in far too many places. That's not to say Mass Effect is a total waste of time. But expect to be gritting your teeth through much of the experience as you contend with glitched-out visuals, RPG mechanics which beg for more complexity and a repetitive string of sidequests which definitely favor quantity over quality.

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Ri0tSquad4013d ago

UGO Rating
Gameplay: B
Presentation: B+
Fun Factor: B-
Value: B+
Overall: B+

marinelife94013d ago

Sounds like the game has a great story line but just has some technical issues that are to hard to ignore that takes you out of the experience.

Why would Bioware a company long known to release excellent titles go ahead and go gold with a game that has those kind of issues?

consolewar4012d ago

sucks to be a PS3fanboy right now. Oh boy look at the Sony girls, at least take it like a man.

the worst4013d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

still gets 10 OUT OF 10
now you know something is wrong here

AllroundGamer4013d ago

"RPG mechanics which beg for more complexity" , exactly this thing was the biggest negative to me, and also the framerate issues, it's more of a 80% game after all...

hotshot12374013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

its sad really. any true gamer knows its flat out wrong.

@below dumbass, oh i mean daxx.
do you even realize what you just said? your comment was completely ignorant. do you know a 10 out of 10 means PERFECT? dumbasses these days are all over the place

Daxx4013d ago

For a true PS3 fanboy it's wrong. But for true gamers that don't care what system a game is on it's right.

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The story is too old to be commented.