IGN: Rage Cross Platform Comparison (PC,PS3,X360)

Putting PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions side-by-side.
Includes PC on Medium Dx10, and Ultra Dx11

NealCaffrey4527d ago

It looks to me 360 is a bit sharper than Ps3 and Pc looks the best.

Quagmire4527d ago

Whats the framrate performance for the PS3? I heard it was 30fps for PS3, 60fps for PC/360. Is that true or is it 60fps for all platforms?

Ducky4527d ago

60fps across all platforms...

Which kind of sucks for PCs because some prefer a higher frame-rate than that.

nveenio4526d ago

I wish a guy like Carmack would do a PC exclusive. We need someone to give our rigs a workout (without just developing an unoptimized mess like Crytek).

trancefreak4526d ago

Do the ps3 ports looked less crisper because it doesn't have the built in AA filter? I always wonder why they look a little glazed over with some other filter technique.

I don't know what the applied filters are for this game I will have to look it up on beyond3d.

I heard that the PC version had some issues and I wanted that copy. I am going to wait to see if it it gets worked out. If not I will just grab a copy for one of my consoles.

And judging from the video alone because it wasn't full scaled the ports look fairly solid.

Organization XII4527d ago

LOL IGN keeps failing. RAGE...DX11?? WTF? You know it's an OpenGl-based app, right?

RandomDude6554527d ago

You can't spell ignorant without.....yadda yadda.
Way to do your research idiots...lol

kevnb4527d ago

dx10? dx11? what are the smoking? opengl 3.x

BattleTorn4527d ago

lol @ whoever took the time to draw that.

Ranich4527d ago

It wasn't drawn. It was an actual in-game screenshot. ;)

RevXM4527d ago

Lol, that is funny.

I hope They fix the pc version soon.
Sounded to me that it is a compatibility problem with AMD hardware.

But its definitively best looking on pc.

And I wish you could install the entire game on ps3.
That 8GB install doesnt seem to really do the trick so a full install option would be nice.

kevnb4527d ago

amd opengl support is atrocious.

Qdog4526d ago (Edited 4526d ago )

It's not exclusive to AMD by any means. I am an owner of Rage on the PC through STEAM and I frequent the forums there. Both AMD and Nvidia are soon to release true updated drivers for Rage compatibility. Hey dont take my word for it http://forums.steampowered.... .

Here is the post in case you dont want to follow the link, and this is from Bethesda Softworks.

"Almost all the issues with RAGE are hardware/driver related and not an issue with the game itself.

Please note the following from Bethesda:

ATI and NVIDIA are working on updated drivers that should be released today/tomorrow that will fix multiple issues.
Bethesda is working on an update to allow for users to customize their video options which will solve many of the issues users are having.
For the latest information please visit http://www.bethblog.com

Thank you for your patience with this matter. All parties are working as fast as they can to correct the problems with RAGE."

Gazondaily4526d ago

Lol that is brilliant.

I got this on PC and it does look brilliant (although the game isn't all that amazing from what I've just played).

I did have issues such as when I minimised the game and then got back to it I got horrid screen tearing.

Also texture loading on PC- basically what everyone else is ranting about.

Still- it does look lovely overall and 60fps is a Godsend.

Robotronfiend4527d ago

Had to return my PS3 copy. The texture pop was giving me motion sickness. I emailed Bethesda asking about a PS3 patch in the works for that, and they said they were focused on fixing the PC issues (ie: NO console patch for texture pop/streaming issues).

MadMax4527d ago

Man, thats just wrong. Im pretty pissed off about this too. I will be emailing them as well.

KwietStorm_BLM4527d ago

Texture pop in was giving you motion sickness? How exactly does that work? And perhaps they are focusing on the PC version just at the moment, with console patches coming after.

Robotronfiend4527d ago

I was able to reduce some of the motion sickness by playing with the lights on, so I had a background and walls for reference, but it still didn't eliminate it. It's a problem with how the brain processes information. My eyes are telling it that I'm moving, but my inner ear says i'm not.

Never happened with Borderlands, Brink or other shooters. The texture pops were accompanied by some flickering and/or stuttering. That plus refocusing my eyes was causing the issue. I'm more sensitive than most.

I even tried playing after taking some dramamine, no luck.

I ordered from amazon, and they took it back for a full refund. I'll just grab something else. Probably the Ico/SotC collection, NHL 12, or Dark Souls.

I'm not upset, I really just can't play it, and I don't have an Xbox to try that version. :-(

gamingdroid4527d ago

If you have a Xbox 360, you could try that. It has significantly less texture pop-ins if you really care about this game:


Of course if PC gets it working right, it will be the best version.

kevnb4527d ago

on pc having an nvidia card works fine, or you can tweak around the amd issues.

Qdog4526d ago (Edited 4526d ago )

It's not exclusive to AMD by any means. Both AMD and Nvidia are soon to release true updated drivers for Rage compatibility. Hey dont take my word for it http://forums.steampowered.... . Why would Nvidia be focusing on a driver for a game that supposedly works fine for Nvidia's cards? SLI and Crossfire are driver level right now, so the game doesn't support it without the release of a profile.... in other words, Rage doesn't currently support crossfire or SLI.

KwietStorm_BLM4526d ago

That sucks man, I've never heard of motion sickness happening that way. Why do you think it happens with Rage but not other shooters? I know Borderlands had some pretty bad pop in. Did you have to explain anything to amazon to get a refund?

Robotronfiend4526d ago (Edited 4526d ago )

Actually I got the plat on Borderlands with no issues. Not sure why Rage gave me problems. I even turned X-Y sensitivity way down so I turned slower, no luck. I just told amazon what was wrong currently and that Bethesda said they were focused on PC right now, so no idea when a console patch may arrive. If they had said, "A PS3 patch will be out in a week or two" - I could have waited. I said I wasn't angry, just disappointed and I would definitely pick another game instead. They also refunded via method of payment, instead of crediting my amazon account.

Amazon.com is how customer service should be done. Now... NHL 12, Ico/SotC, or Dark Souls... not sure I have the fortitude for Dark souls though.

aGameDeveloper4526d ago

I have a feeling it may have more to do with the FOV than any texture pop-in. The game gives me a bit of an issue, as well, but I'm either getting used to it, or I had more light on when i played last night.

DaTruth4526d ago

I once tried to play GTA: LCS on my PSP during a long drive; felt like I was gonna throw up all over the car!

Also, I can't play open world games when I'm hung over!

ripperkip4523d ago

I have been gaming for over 28 years and this is the first time I have experienced this problem - I am still feeling ill and its been 15 hours since playing it.

Can anyone tell me if I can return this game for a full refund (bought it yesterday) on the grounds that it is making me ill playing it?? if not i'll be selling it. Either way, it will never get a run on my ps3 again.

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