Testing The DualShock 3

Sony fans were excited when it was announced at this year's TGS that rumble would finally return to the PlayStation 3 in the form of the new DualShock 3. The controller, would feature the functionality of the Sixaxis controller along with the vibration that PS2 owners had become accustomed to. Unfortunately, unless gamers imported the new controllers, those outside of Japan would have to wait till 2008 to test out just how well the redesign worked.

Fortunately, IGN managed to get some DualShock 3 controllers fresh from Japan, and they put them through their paces.

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Crazyglues3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I think it was a big mistake not launching with rumble in the controller, I for one know I missed it in Fight Night Round 3 which was an amazing game for playing friends, (it even looked better on PS3, one of the few games that would) not too good online but would have been even better with rumble. -Sony really missed a great chance to show of the system right there. Game sucked without rumble.

Too bad we don't even play that game anymore.

bdwins3987d ago

I think Sony didnt include rumble at launch because of their lawsuit with Immersion and then hyped the sixaxis feature to make up for it.

Neo-Delta3987d ago

They couldn't because they were in a lawsuit with Imersion (the developers of rumble in the dualshock). I think it was a good move because we wouldn't of had the motion sensitive sixaxis. I think sony felt pressured to add something in place of rumble. Its great now because we can have both :D

Violater3987d ago

it makes playing uncharted soooo much better.

gokuss1220023987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

First of all, saying that a game sucks due to the lack of rumble, makes you sound idiotic (not saying you are idiotic, just saying it makes you sound idiotic). Secondly, I never missed the rumble anyway, and even though it was pr bs, I would, and did (PS3 over 360) take sixaxis-no rumble over rumble-no sixaxis, for the sixaxis not only adds to gameplay through intuitively immersive control gestures (using it to shoot free-throws and steering vehicles such as planes and motorcycles), but it also opens up room for unlimited gameplay possibilities, such as using the sixaxis to steer a vehicle while using the analog sticks to simultaneously yet seperately aim handguns (or machine guns)etc. Thirdly, I'ld rather wait and get directional rumble, then to have gotten the "last gen" rumble from the gate. Lastly
but not least, controller with the motion sensing and directional rumble will be out soon anyway, soooooo... what's the big deal.(ideas cut short 'cause I need to finish homework)

P.S. psn name tbone5000 if anyone would like to trade psn games

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Apocwhen3987d ago

Does anyone else find the white controller ugly? I think it would look so much cooler if they gave it white analogue sticks and white buttons. the Black buttons and sticks stand out too much and make it look tacky.

aiphanes3987d ago

It is the best looking of the two...

okcomputer3987d ago

The white looks sick. I'm going to see if i can import one for a decent price.

Marceles3987d ago

looks pretty damn good to me.

Jamaicangmr3987d ago

Yeah while i like the white PS3, still think the black looks better but it looks ok. The white controller am not feelin as much.

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gamesblow3987d ago

I got me a Black rumble controller already and it's nice. It does make Uncharted worth so much more. Also, Motorstorm... WOW! This game needs to be reviewed again. Rumble adds a whole new element to the game. It was lacking this feature so bad... Trust me... You'll pop in Motorstorm again and again when you get your hands on the rumble controllers, folks. It's all go from here. I love mine... the bat, believe it or not... last longer than the sixaxis. Maybe that was from extended use of it, but I dunno... It's lasted me a full week and it has 2 bars left still. I gamed over 20 hours this week with Uncharted, R&C and Assassins Creed too... not to mention Motorstorm, Resistance sessions, with some COD4 in there aswell.

quiddd3987d ago

Have you tried using both rumble AND motion sensing? if so does it work OK?

gamesblow3987d ago

Not alot of games use motion sensing anyways, but yeah... it does. Motorstorm does, anyways. I tried it for a few laps. It's probably the best on Motorstorm. Lair hasn't been patched it seems, cause my conroller doesn't shake while playing it. I wish it did, cause I really lvoe lair. < that's no lie.

lawman11083987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Your control should shake while playing Lair......SHAKE WITH RAGE at how BAD that game is!!! hahahahahahahahahah

And dude, Motorstorm is a weak game OVER RATED

gamesblow3987d ago

Ha, nah... Lair's pretty damn good. Graphically it's amazing. I never seen a problem with the controls. I'm a huge advocate against the wii and stuff but Lair's motion controls work very well. I'll say this... If you want a different experience out of your ps3... this is a great game to have. Not all games should be like this, I admit... but when 1 or two come along... It's alright. Lair was a great game for me. Never had any trouble with it at all.

DevastationEve3987d ago

i remember sony fanboys saying "oh, rumble? man that's old technology" but it looks like they've always been missing the vibe:) not starting wars here, but you do have to admit that besides the woofer, this is the way games were meant to be played.

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