New Screenshots of PS3 games

Tons of New Pictures for Various PS3 games

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Theonetheonly5858d ago

deja vu those monsters from resistance look like those of the descent

seen here

Sevir045858d ago

Those Screens look way impressive, and it's a safe bet that these are all in game or in games in- engine cinimatic shot that was taken... very nice... and especially on resistance... man it is truely shaping up to be big, and Heavenly Sword and DMC4 OMGoodness!!! Sony may have fallen but the p[latform they have given the developers to show the expertice on is outstanding in my opinion and the developers will praise them in the end for the flexibily they have been provided with by the hands of Sony. Go Capcom, Konami, Square, Namco bandai, Insominiac., Do the Damn thing !!!! see you all at launch hopefully if not end of this year or early next year online on Resistance and on Motorstorm, Fatal Inrertia, RR, UL3: dark kingdom and much more

achira5858d ago

damn impressive !!!!!!!!!!! the art sty of monster kingdom is very cooool. but the other pics look even more fantastic !!! motorstorm is amazing, like resistance !

PS3 Ultimate5858d ago

Extremely impressive screen shots for all of those PLAYSTATION 3 games!


i am very excited, and overwhelmed with delight, see you guys in resistance

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