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It took six years from the time we got Gran Turismo 4 to the fifth game saw the light. In as many years, Turn 10 Studios released a total of four games in the Forza series. Maybe it's obvious that the pace has been at the expense of something else, but the quality has been sky high from the start.

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dougr3765d ago

holmyc where are you with your bs for this score?

CloseSecond3765d ago

Let the baby have his fun. Anyway, another solid entry in the Forza franchise. Certainly evolved a lot since the days of the original xbox.

KingPin3765d ago

incoming in 3...2....1.....

humbleopinion3765d ago

Don't wake up the troll. He will probably come up with the excuse that GT5 got 7/10 in that same website.

kikizoo3765d ago

2 standards, don't try to compare, dante inferno has probably some better scores than god of war, but everybody knows the truth :)

humbleopinion3765d ago

Just love the Google translation algorithms: "New and pig elegant interior" :)