Researcher Disputes Reported Link Between Violent Games, Aggression

Texas A&M prof Christopher Ferguson has sent GamePolitics a copy of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: A Meta-analytic Review of Positive and Negative Effects of Violent Video Games.

The work represents Ferguson's latest meta-review on the effects of video game violence. GamePolitics covered an earlier publication by Ferguson in February.

Ferguson's review disputes findings by other researchers that link violent games to aggression. Ferguson also notes that video game play is ubiquitous among modern youth while school shooting incidents are rare. Here is an excerpt:

"However is it possible that a behavior with such a high base rate (i.e. video game playing) is useful in explaining a behavior with a very low base rate (i.e. school shootings)? Put another way, can an almost universal behavior truly predict a rare behavior?"

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x440Magnumx3987d ago

More likely is that aggressive people have a higher tendency to play violent video games to release that aggression.

snoop_dizzle3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

he does bring up a good point. Since soo many adolescents play videogames, by anti-videogame groups and people's logic, that would mean school shootings and the like would be multiple times more frequent than it actually is. The other thing is, the kids that do these henoius acts, are typically so messed up, if they aren't playing videogames, something else will set them off. So really most are a lost cause to being with.

Parents need to learn to follow the ersb rating. No more blaming it on the comapines. People need to take responsibility, instead of blaming it on devs who are expressing themselves and when the games have ratings on them.

Loopy3986d ago

You learn and adapt from your environment.
If you've been raised in a calm and loving environment, you'll very likely to grow up as a normal person.
If you've been raised in a violent environment, you'll likely adopt an agressive behavior.
We cannot deny that violent video games doesn't have an influence on behaviour, stop blinding youself.
This by no means that violent video games will make you shoot people. There is a big huge step to go toward it. Many factors are involved, such as social isolation, how kids were raised, their personal values, etc...

snoop_dizzle3986d ago

who says it doesn't effect behavior? I think we are mostly saying that it wont lead people to kill.

Kinetix3986d ago

my opinion/theory about video games is that it isn't the violence or gore in the video game that people should be worried about, the fact is that one becomes almost anti-social and isolated from interacting with people when they are "deep" into the game, and that "inspiration" or however you want to call it can come from anywhere. Look how many people have been injured by trying to imitate their favorite wrestler or copy something from jackass, and how many times have you heard that song that just pumps you up. My point is that unless a well thought out experiment or well planned research can be done on this topic all we can really do is speculate on what exactly are the effects of video game violence.