Promises, Promises / The Importance of Europe

Gamers everywhere now know that Sony's PS3 is in short supply, and Europe has been shafted again. This angry European games journalist has had enough, and speaks his mind on the PS3's delay and the industry's general attitude to Europe.

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BlackCountryBob5861d ago

That is a very interesting article and I totally agree with the writer, Europe, nay infact all gaming territorys outside Japan and USA are totally neglected by the industry. Our money is just as important as Amrican and Japanese gamers dough. We deserve to be treated properly! If Hollywood can launch a movie like Matrix or Pirates of the Carribbean in every nation on the planet in every conceivable language within a few weeks why cant we get games at the same time as our foreign brothers, why did I need to wait 2 months to get my copy of new super mario bros when it is region free and contains almost no actual speech so needs no translation? Europe constantly being ignored is a recipe for disaster coz all that is gonna happen is we are gonna find something else to do, or, a European compny could release a console! OK, that aint gonna happen but if it did maybe the competition would shock the othr console makers in action due to fear of losing market share.

super bill5861d ago


THAMMER15861d ago

I like the British/Japn and I'm American. Your not for real are you? I know the PS3 dose not make you that mad.

THAMMER15861d ago

Sony should really start plans for the PS4 because the PS3 is not that popular right now. I think it is going to be a ruff year or two for Sony.

Sidherich5861d ago

actually they will start working on ps4 as soon as ps3 ships. Same with Microsoft. They are already working on the next XBox.

Thats the way it goes in this Industry.

TheMART5861d ago

Just kick that PS3 and Europeans buy a 360 instead.

That will learn Sony a lesson!

malachi235861d ago

Every person from Europe should boycott Sony and teach them a lesson...Sony will fail anyway...LONG LIVE THE 360!

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