Viva Piñata animated series on FOX, will your kids take the bait?

As promised, Microsoft, Rare and 4Kids Entertainment announced today that Viva Piñata, the CG animated series, will debute tomorrow morning. The cleverly disguised infomercial will debut on FOX, capturing the fascinations of children across the country and, in turn, gobbling up a chunk of their parents' incomes over the course of the holiday season -- and beyond. At least, that's the hope.

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TheXgamerLive5867d ago

I actually really liked it. I'll buy the game.

TheXgamerLive5866d ago

They did an excellent job with the game. Hopefully the games story is as fun to play as it is to watch.

Marriot VP5867d ago

who can say no to pinatas

specialguest5866d ago

i watched 2 episodes of this on and it is very entertaining for adults and especially kids.

SjaakHaas5866d ago

.... smart move indeed!

EVER OLVERA5866d ago

I have a 2 1/2 yr old son who will be three this October. I downloaded the short animated (Viva Pinatas) skits from the XBL Marketplace. That has been my greatest mistake. Now, that is all my son wants to watch. Peep this, he even knows how to turn on my 360, turn to the Media blade, and scroll down to the video section, and pick the Viva Pinata's cartoon. Amazing!!! I know it's hard to believe that is why I plan to record him and post it on for the non-believers. But I think that's to much so I'll probably won't.

The Snake5866d ago

If I had a kid in the house I'd delete the cartoon, but then again I'm very particular about who plays with my toys. As for the show, this article was written on Friday because I saw it as I was flipping through the channels on Saturday morning.