Mass Effect: Deserving of The Word 'Epic' - 9/10 From Games Radar

All that said, any weaknesses are handily overwhelmed by the game's amazing strengths. When GamesRadar finished Mass Effect the first time, the very next thing they did was start it all over again. It's clear that this is the beginning of a fantastic franchise, and they're already salivating over the possibilities for Mass Effect II.

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Rangelo3985d ago

can't wait to get my copy!!!

Neoninja3985d ago

Right there with man. Teusday my social life will dissappear.

MK_Red3985d ago

Many social lives will end that day :)
With Assassins, Mass Effect, COD4 and others, I may have to quit my job and even my life. And haven't bough Rock Band yet plus PS3's Uncharted and Wii's Mario Galaxy and Zack & Wiki...

fredy3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

That's all I needed to hear, and
is all I needed to see.

Shaka2K63985d ago

For sure this game been flopping all around, but who didnt see that coming its bioware console game they all been terrible overated disasters just like jade empire and kotor.

massive flop goty flop of the year for sure.

MK_Red3985d ago

Did you know that KOTOR is considered by most RPG pros as one of the best RPGs of all time?
Stop trolling and start enjoying the games.