Top MMORPG Yet to be Released

GamerFitNation writes: "Welcome GFN Canada writer Dave who talks to us about the up and coming excitement in the world of MMORPGs. Think you know what's coming? Think again!"

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I haven't really played MMO's before but star wars looks entertaining. I had they have a Power Ranger MMO coming out I think I may check it out.

sonicsidewinder2660d ago

Power Ranger MMO lmao! I'd be down for that.


Rigogo2660d ago

Im just waiting for Marvel online! Looks sick!

Bolts2660d ago

Marvel Online is dead.

fredolopez2660d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic looks insane, i might give it a try!!

xtheownerzx2660d ago

I really hope that when Final Fantasy XIV final comes to PS3 its the MMORPG that fans are waiting for.

Crystallis2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

It is..the game is coming along great. And its funny, when they first released the game on the pc it was in shambles but its shaping up to be a really good MMO. I personally cant wait for it to be released on the ps3. Patch 1.19 from what I'm hearing is outstanding. Only patch 2.0 remains then we can see the ps3 version soon after that patch.

Ngai2660d ago

Patch 1.19 for FFXIV is awesome, square is really giving it all! GREAT JOB SE!

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