Mass Effect: Nothing to see here

Gamersyde writes:

"Microsoft somehow decided that they knew better than us and most of the gaming press what was good for Mass Effect, and wanted to limit us to 4*1 minute videos and 10 screenshots for the review of the game. Needless to say this is totally unacceptable and you guys will have to wait until the official release date here in France (Friday) to see our usual videos. We are sorry about that, but there is no way around it."

"Well everything isn't lost, since we have this rather nice interview from XCN for you guys."

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Maestro3990d ago

LOL, bye bye "goty" contender.

OOG FunK3990d ago

go crawl back into your hole you troll all I see is you bashn on ps3 and 360......never seen an actually comment regarding the game that has made sense at all

Dlacy13g3990d ago

Did you even bother to actually read the article? Or are you just commenting on the title and somehow thinking its a "negative" review of the game?

Well...just for your information...the article is about them not getting enough info to do a review so they posted an interview instead.

Please try a little harder next time and do a little reading before posting as a Fanboy.

razer3990d ago

are you talking about? This is not a review. I think this has more to do with not spoiling the game before people have a chance to get their hands on it. If you just let everyone use whatever screenshots/video's they want you have a situation that could lead to major spoilers.

Seems like there are a bunch of people on this site that do not want to see this game do well.. It's nice to see those people are not having their way.

MK_Red3990d ago

LOL, some people don't check the link and just read what's hear. Maestro here didn't even bother with the description. Just replyed to the title as he keeps posting "Mass Effect is not GOTY" on every story of ME's review...

H-V-H3990d ago

Has reading gone out of style or what ?

AngryTypingGuy3990d ago

It's funny how many people have sour grapes because the 360 is getting so many phenomenal exclusives.

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snittolo3990d ago

Kinda hard to make a review outa that lol.

wAtdaFck3990d ago

This is an interview. Not a review.


Silver Bull3t3990d ago

Aren't the several other reviews on n4g enogh for one day? I don't mind an interview here or there to change things up a bit, except they never get asked to ONE question I wnat to know: "If you undertake all the sidequests how long can the game potentially be?" Since all I see are trolls crying "only 15-20 hours", I think that'd be a fair comparison... Give us a RANGE. 20 hours to X hours.

ParaDise_LosT3990d ago

they want the game badly xD

EDF 20173990d ago

I am glad I have connections in the right places, pic included show I have Mass Effect and it kicks major arse. It is a very beautiful game with a very small amount of jaggies, some minor framerate drops, haven't came across screen tearing yet.

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