Console or PC: Is Crysis Really Better on PS3 and 360?

GameJudgment analyzes Crysis on Console and asks the big question: Is Crysis on Console comparable to the mighty gaming PC?

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Controversy3271d ago

Pretty cool Crytek got it on console. Even cooler it actually performs so well.

I'm stoked.

Fishy Fingers3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Yeah they did, not technically on par with the PC version but nice features from CryEngine 3 in there making it almost as aesthetically pleasing.

Oh and more improtant than any of that^^, it's actually a chance to play the original and IMO, the much better game.

pangitkqb3271d ago

@ Fishy Fingers

I completely agree with you that Crysis is better than Crysis 2. Been loving it on my PS3!

Crytek did an incredible job.

jimineyscrickets3271d ago

@ Controversy & Fishy fingers

You guys make excellent points. And even though the article does a great job discussing both versions, I still have to go with PC. I want Mods.

gameplayingfool3271d ago

PC is better. Multiplayer, better visuals, better controls.

It's amazing what was accomplished in the console ports, but the PC is and always will be the definitive Crysis experience.

JokesOnYou3271d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

True that PC is the definitive experience for Crysis but I remember my bud spending a small fortune a couple years ago to get his pc to run this at max, so this is a big deal now that console gamers are getting 1 of the best PC games running on OLD CONSOLE HARDWARE that looks very close to pc version and runs well too, you have to admit thats one helluva accomplishment. As a guy who prefers console gaming vs pc this is just a great bonus to all the bounty that consoles already have to offer, I wonder what he'll think of this news.

gameplayingfool3270d ago


For those that prefer console but still have a gaming PC, you are absolutely right; there is no other option but console.

For those that are platform agnostic, I do recommend the PC version.

None of this detracts in any way, however, from the fact that Crysis is a great game and that Crytek has done an amazing job on all platforms with it.

Controversy3270d ago

Jimineyscrickets - As someone that only rarely dabbles in PC gaming, mods don't mean much to me. But I see why they would to somebody like you, so i don't blame you for leaning to the PC version.

As for me, I'm getting it tonight on my Ps3. My bro has a 360 so I'm texting the recommendation to him now as well.

Autodidactdystopia3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I definitely dont think it looks better.

but it looks like crysis.

which is enough for most console owners.

in case you havent heard they dont care about graphics anymore just gameplay which is good because if they did they would be sad

Bolts3270d ago

No where near the PC version, but they did a damn good job with the console port. In fact this necroing of a dead game is 10x better than what iD is doing with their turd Tech 5 megalowrestexture engine.

pixelsword3270d ago

It depends on what kind of PC you're playing on; therefore, it's relative.

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Perjoss3271d ago

Agreed, I loved it on PC, I remember playing it with a terrible frame rate but I really wanted to see it at max settings, it's great that they had the idea of getting this game onto the consoles.

sphinct3271d ago

Hopefully Crytek's excellent port will shut up the whole PC vs. Console debate to at least a small degree.

Yes, PC's definitely win in the tech category. But great gaming is possible on any platform and, with the right peeps behind the programming wheel, even older tech can work wonders.

Lazy_Sunday3270d ago

With the optimized textures and shaders--for lower end machines.

saladthieves3270d ago

Agreed. It actually runs well. I like the fact that they decided to implement certain nano suit features right into the gameplay elements as well. They for example took 2 of the most important powers (Cloaking and Max armor) and made them easily accessible.

I hate the fact sprinting automatically activates maximum speed. There's no "normal" sprint like on the PC version where you don't use the nano suit's maximum speed. After the energy depletes, then the normal sprint kicks in.

Had a couple of glitches where I shoot enemies and they fall down, but not dead. Other than that, the game performs pretty good.

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pat_11_53271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I've always wanted to try Crysis but never had the high end gaming PC to handle it.

sickbird3271d ago

i need a GOOD comparison before i choose which console to get this on. I need to play something while i wait for Id to fix the texture loading issues in RAGE, and they better fix it.

teedogg803271d ago

I hope that's not keeping you from playing it.

sickbird3270d ago

well if im going to buy it i want the best version no?

Robotronfiend3270d ago

Texture pop on the PS3 version of Rage was theh reason I've returned it. I emailed Bethesda asking about a patch for PS3 to fix the texture pop, but they said currently their are focused on fixing the PC issues. No patch = returned.

The constant issues were giving me motion sickness. Headaches and nausea are reason to not play a game.

teedogg803270d ago

I was referring to RAGE.

Denethor_II3271d ago

I just bought this for £2.49 off Steam, pretty sweet deal.

xX_Altair_Xx3270d ago

I thought it was £9.99 on Steam.

Brownghost3269d ago

That's the maximum edition

Pikajew3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

It is better on PC.
Better controls

They also had to cut some stuff out of the console version, like tress and stuff. (read it in a article)

caboose323271d ago

Yea the game looks great on both systems, but with 4 years of improving visual mods that make both framerate and graphics better on pc, you just can't beat it. (Although I do hear they improved the controls greatly on consoles which is awesome, because they can be sort of clunky at times on pc.)

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