Dragon releases CHEAP 3rd Party Dualshock3 Controllers

Don't want to wait until next year or pay completely hideous import prices to get your PlayStation 3 rumble on? Well over at Success HK they've just put up Dragon Electronics' Duo Shock 4 controller for sale. It's a 3rd party Dual Shock controller that works with the PS3, PC, PS2, and the PSone.

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gamesR4fun3989d ago

need some reviews on it if its compatible with ps3 rumble it be a great buy for xmas.

games4fun3989d ago

you will get screwed if it has no sixaxis, it doesn't mention that either i bought a controller and it said for ps3 but didnt have sixaxis taught me to buy the official ps3 version from then on.

PS3PCFTW3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

sony=quality craftsmanship

dragon=dog diarrhea

u guys better not buy this dragon crap.......u will regret it come january

360Jamaican40GigFL3989d ago

booo that shlt is ugly and its not blue tooth so it has that dongle

sonarus3989d ago

it was bound to happen. Wonder why sony is clowning with the dualshock 3 in the US. Its jst a controller how hard is it to manufacture for other markets

Primetimebt3989d ago

I was looking at the price to import a Dualshock3 it's around $80. For $20 to get my rumble on it's on.

the worst3989d ago

no sixaxis,no blue tooth
no way

Gordii3989d ago

I rather have keep my fancy ps3 White Dual shock 3 controller..... Sorry seeing the name Sony makes me feel like its a good quality....

I paid 59.99 Us dollars for mine you just have to hunt a little. Or wait. I am sorry when it comes to gaming looks is everything and that controller up in the picture makes me feel less of a man :P

lynx1halo3989d ago

that controller up in the picture makes me feel less of a man ...LOL

okcomputer3989d ago

$60 for a white dual shock 3?? Thats an amazing deal.. where'd you find that?

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