3DS game packaging to face a redesign?

3DS game packaging to be redesigned? Changed 3DS cases in UK retailers point towards the possibility...

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Soplox3271d ago

Thats for sure but in like a year or two not anytime soon.

disgaeapuchi3271d ago

Agreed, it'll probably happen when the redesigned 3DS arrives (like when Sony changed the PS3 boxart spines to coincide with the PS3 Slim)

treesmurf113271d ago

I'm not sure I like that design, perhaps it's just because I don't really like Red.

ssb31733271d ago

That may be but this will help to disperse the confusion. Its a smart move from nintendo.

treesmurf113270d ago

Yeah defintiely a smart move on the grander scheme of things, but it's not fair on me :(

Tanir3271d ago

Next up 3DS with a dual analog Redesign! Yay!

user8586213271d ago

remember how people kept begging for a psp to b redesigned with a second analogue ;)

Tanir3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

yeah, sept psp didnt get a tacky 2nd analog add on than makes games needd it like monster hunter, and other games that can use it like kingdom hearts

i mean it would be retarded if they only made a side add on instead of intergrade it in the next version

treesmurf113270d ago

Games don't need the second analogue though, it's optional. To be honest I'm quite happy with just having an odd on though, it's obviously not that uncomfortable, the only downside to it seems to be it using batteries.

Kamikaze1353271d ago

They should keep that design for "greatest hits" titles.

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