White Engine development stalled, Final Fantasy XIII too?

At Square-Enix's fiscal meeting they candidly mentioned the White Engine development is moving at a sluggish pace. However, they are not abandoning creating their in house engine. Since the engine is the backbone for Final Fantasy XIII it seems likely that the Playstation 3 game will be further delayed. Square-Enix did not mention a date for Final Fantasy XIII (maybe now 2009?) or Dragon Quest IX, which was originally slated to come out this year.


"Our worries may be without reason -- it seems Siliconera's initial story was the result of a mistranslation. According to dedicated fansite, Impress Group's recap of the fiscal meeting simply states that development of the White Engine is not stagnant. So, you may resume hoping for a late 2008 release." -

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TheMART3986d ago

Ah the White engine. That engine that runs cross platform. So it has problems on the PS3 and probably delay of FFXIII to 2009? Ouch. That must hurt, another big title delayed again.

Ah well, now they have the time to get the game on the 360 and release it at the same time with the PS3 version. Nice work Square Enix!

TeaDouble_E3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Kuss murthda gow !

Daver3986d ago

Keep dreaming you kid...

Grassroots3986d ago

Wow go piss on a rope somewhere else.

vloeistof3986d ago

hahaha you want ff so bad aaaaaaaaaaaaah

Baba19063986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Mart; trying to send u to rehab, and you say no no no. guess u will never be as sane as we would all hope for. anyway, there is no ff13 release date so no need to talk about delaying. =D

Jinxstar3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Im almost to the point where I wanna buy this kid a PS3 and drakes...

Edit: I might even consider it if I didn't think he'd burn it or something. Mart PS3 is just fine. Its here to stay get used to it.

Vertius3986d ago

I'm sick of explaining this...

Yes, the White Engine is cross-platform, but, with FFXIII, it's being utilised to take advantage of the Cell. 4 of the SPUs are being used! Tell me, how many SPUs does the 360 have...?

Bonsai12143986d ago

daver, the mart is far from being a kid. he's probably the oldest person on this site

synetic3986d ago

you guys already noticed that the moderators of this site locked the bubble number of TheMART at 5 bubbles if not we would already have 1 bubble .. but what we can do there unfair stuff like this everywhere and there are other members too but you guys all know that members already

anyway to bad i really wanted to play ff13 next year

fury3986d ago

When he was a young bloke, and a photo as a grown-up nerd with his girlfriend. He's grown a bit fat...just a bit...

mustash20033986d ago

No question. FFXIII Is ps3's, not 360's. If god himself told you, you would not believe him. You absolute blind lemming. I almost feel sorry for you.

ENNO3986d ago

Is that really him?if so [email protected] your fat disgusting girlfriend hahahah...what a mess,the both of you look like giant potatoes :P

solar3986d ago

hehe, i couldnt bring myself to do it. it was way to easy. i see you did. wonder how fast the household goes through razor blades with both of them having mustaches... :P j/k

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ShiftyLookingCow3986d ago

isnt DQ IX supposed to be on the DS?

King20083986d ago

That even you believe the crap that comes outta your mouth. Well the crap that you type on the screen. Regardless of when it comes out it will never be on 360. Square Enix is giving 360 gamers love with Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remant multi-plat. Be happy about that. I wish morons like you can get a decent job so you can afford both consoles and be a true gamer not a trolling loser that wants everything on Sony to come to 360. Get a job buy both like me and its win-win. I bet your glad you get Uncharted on 360 also @[email protected]

mesh13986d ago

really i feel bad for ps3 fans plz atleast buy a 360 so u can play other games i know u guy feel ps3 games are amazing but when cod4 is 1 of the best games on the ps3 and is multipklaform u shud think maybe getting a 360 andd having a ps3 is a good idea and maybe if u had boh u wont bash 360 so much get a 360 and play games right nopw i8 bet if any sony fan got a 360 now the amoutn of games h wud get the backlog is amazing u will have so many gams to play from now till 2009

Grassroots3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Ill play my 360 when there are good games on there, not the casual games that fool love. Minus Mass Effect, and NG2! Other than that the piece of junk collects dust like my Wii. Or it being fixed again my Microsoft for the fourth time.

beaner714813986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

but i was just looking on metacritic and out of the 20 top rated games on xbox360 i own 13 of them on other systems and at least 2 or 3 more of them are available elsewhere, currently i am playing Crysis on pc, and have plenty of games thanks for you concern, however i don't feel it necessary to buy an xbox360 for one game that i want to play that i cannot get at this time, however i am faithful that some time in the future your heros from bioware will make it available on pc because it is about them making money and not your happiness.

Naruto3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

how can FFXIII can delayed if it never had a release date?

Laexerias3986d ago

Yeah. i dont think this news will tell its delayed, its just a rumour of a Release Date imo.

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