Vibe Magazine Lists $150 Wii Price

Vibe Magazine printed a $150 price under a simple description of the Nintendo Wii in their latest issue. Although they also had to explain how you pronounce it, this is interesting. Do they have Nintendo contacts or are they just making stuff up again? Wii'll see.

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bfchickenchaser5858d ago

oh my god i hope it's true!!!! (guess we'll find out in a couple days...)

Phenom195858d ago

man if this is true, i think this would be everyones first console to buy followed by the other 2.this will go well with my 360 : )

Capnpooh5858d ago

That doesn't seem likely, but it is nonetheless kickass. I hope its only $150. I'll cream my pants... : )

Sphinx5858d ago

...I'll buy two. Seriously... well, if it has LAN/link up abilities... man, I would be so frikkin happy if it was only $150.

ChickeyCantor5858d ago

its called WIFI you dont need kables thats the great thing XD