Indian Gaming Magazine Illegally Distributing PC Titles on DVDs

The Angry Pixel writes: "After some delay, SKOAR! #XVI - Oct-Nov 2007 has finally hit stands in most metropolitan areas. For the uninitiated, SKOAR! is an Indian Gaming Magazine published from every two to three months by Jasubhai Digital Media, who also happens to publish its tech-centric cousin Digit. SKOAR! got its first wind in 2003, right after Computer Gaming World (now known as the Games For Windows Official Magazine) was no longer being officially distributed for reasons I'm not aware of (Come back to us, Jeff Green!). It's considered the de facto gaming magazine here in India, largely because it's the only gaming magazine widely available.

Recently in the past year, SKOAR! has been placing full versions of oldie-but-still-very-goldie PC titles on their DVDs, with the help of key-gens and no-cd patches. At the time this was becoming rapidly aware to readers, there was much probing from the community regarding this controversy, demanding an explanation from the staff members themselves. However, it has come to the point that despite certain staff members (mainly the Managing Editor himself, Badri 'Badjag' Narayan) being full-aware of their own actions, they just don't seem to give a fig. SKOAR continues piling on whatever their torrents can fetch them, and Issue XVI is no different. Which makes us very sad pandas, quite frankly."

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