The 10 Greatest Canceled Video Games

You might be surprised how many great video games get canceled far into their development cycles. Plenty of titles go all the way to having fully playable build, only to have the plug pulled at the last minute. Millions of manpower hours has been put into games that never saw the light of day, even though they look like they might have done respectably well if they'd seen the light of day.

But, thanks to the internet, games that never had a chance can still be seen and appreciated on the web. Even if they might not look good, you can appreciate what the developers were going for. You just might not ever understand why they got canceled in the first place. Read on for our list of the greatest canceled video games, and ponder about what might have been.

Wizziokid4439d ago

I would of loved B.C. (need a good dinosaur game)

Pirates of the Caribbean looked pretty awesome too, who knows why that was canceled.

Gazondaily4439d ago (Edited 4439d ago )

Remember Possession? The game where you control the head of the zombies in a semi-RTS third person type game? That was unveiled as one of the first next-gen games to come out. Its a shame it never came out because that was an interesting concept.


Where is Huxley? It looked like a brilliant FPS MMO. Shame it got stuck in development hell. I guess it also was a bit too old-school in its mechanics maybe to warrant a release.


Oldman1004439d ago

I was so looking forward to possession. I'm glad you brought it up.

Darth Stewie4439d ago

No 8 Days, Getaway 3, or Halo DS.

andibandit4439d ago

The single greatest game ever that was cancelled:
Baldurs Gate 3

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-Foxtrot3584d ago

This would of been good, this is what Ubisoft should of done with all the Pirate stuff in AC4, instead of Black Flags fill in the gap Armada of the Damned left. Least then they wouldn't be restricted with the Assassins Creed story.

OC_MurphysLaw3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I remember seeing this game at E3 and getting so excited. I was completely bummed when it got canned.

edit: btw... great read! Hats off to Tyler, I hope you put forward more pieces like this.

thorstein3584d ago

Thank you! This is what gaming journalism should aspire to! Investigative reporting, well written prose, thought provoking articles, and no inflammatory headlines or claims.

rick52923584d ago

It's EXTREMELY rare to read well-written articles on this site. Job well done, sir!

ironfist923584d ago

You should consider investigating in alot of cancelled titles, make it a series of articles.

Turok 2 was another title I anticipated, because when was the last time we've had a dinosaur game since ever?

ironfist923584d ago

I was anticipating this title forever, devastated when Disney cancelled it.

tylercolp3584d ago

It's clear these types of pieces are popular. I'll start working on another one as soon as possible. I have lots of ideas.

webeblazing3584d ago

I thought the devs started a kick starter a while ago