IGN: Dark Souls - Easily Kill the Boss With the Worst Name

IGN Guides helps you defeat the Ceaseless Discharge in Dark Souls.

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DaThreats2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

I notice IGN loves Dark Souls lol
And 360 version?
Demon Suuls was on PS3, just seems right playing its successor on da PS3 as well

RedSoakedSponge2571d ago

you would think that was the case, but you arent considering all the other factors. like for instance, my wireless on my ps3 is terrible in comparison to my 360 so im getting the 360 version over the ps3 version. i dont know what it is about the ps3 wireless but my connection keeps dropping out! DX

thereapersson2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

You using anecdotal evidence to plaster a broad-spectrum opinion of the PS3 isn't going to fly.

That's like saying my wireless connection never, ever drops out, therefore my PS3's wireless setup must be the best in the industry. It's different with some people than it is for others. You also have multiple factors influencing that performance, such as:

A)Router health
B) Modem health
C) ISP connection quality
D) Outside interference
E) Router channel

D&E can sometimes overlap one another

^^^Router channel is a big one, considering some channels may conflict with other wireless networks in the area. Back when I lived at my old place, I couldn't figure out why my connection kept dropping out. I realized that it was on the same channel as other connections in the neighborhood. The instant I switched channels, my connection issues cleared up.

Anyway, I know you were "umad" at DaThreat's trolling, so I'm sure my post doesn't really make much of a difference.

LightofDarkness2571d ago

Actually he was just citing an instance in which this is not the case; that is, his own situation. It was merely used to prove that the first comment's supposition was not valid for everyone, hence using the term "for instance", meaning in his own instance.

This isn't debate club.

RedSoakedSponge2570d ago


wow. it seems i have annoyed someone with my own experience? lmao. you do realise, no matter what you say to me on here, my experience is MY experience. not yours. not the milkmans. MINE lol.

and for the record. my 360 and ps3 are both hooked up downstairs in my living room. not even 15cm separating them. like i said they both use wireless internet, and yet PS3 connection drops out constantly and it was really bad with Demon's Souls. never EVER played the game properly online due to this. however, on my 360, my connection hasnt even dropped out once!


Atleast you understand what i meant lol. thankyou!

so let me just clarify this. you are saying im lying? lmao

Captain Qwark 92571d ago

i have demon souls but i bought dark souls for 360, does that make me a terrible person??????

who cares what you play/buy it for, just buy it!

8bit_Nes_Rambo2571d ago

Ceaseless discharge? Sounds like my last trip to Thailand.

SillyBastid2571d ago

I'll be sure to use the Dark Souls wiki as much as I used the Demon's Souls one.