PSN Chrono Trigger still has load times

To answer the most common question about this version of the game: yes, it still has load times.

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imoutofthecontest4189d ago

Sounds like they're not quiiiiite as bad as they were on PSX though, but I remember the FF Chronicles version being like 10 damn seconds if you had to go into the menu. I might be remembering that wrong though, because it was like 10 stinkin' years ago.

MariaHelFutura4189d ago

Sounds like you haven't had a good last 10 years.

Solidus187-SCMilk4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

on PSP there is an option for ps1 games called fast loading or something like that, I wonder if it would load any faster with that checked?

Dark_Overlord4188d ago

Only problem is some games aren't compatible with it, I could never get Syphon Filter to work with it on :(

Knightofelemia4189d ago

I could careless about the load times as long as it is on the PSN so i can enjoy the game I had fun playing on the SNES and the PS1 I am glad its back on.

Peaceful_Jelly4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

that's what you say now, just wait until you start playing the game and then you have a loading to open the menu and then another one when exit it. It's freaking annoying as hell and that's just the beginning... Each battle has a loading at the beginning and another one at the end. The game's a mess...

Infernostew4189d ago

Hahaha. I was saying the same thing a couple months ago when i was going to replay CT on Chronicles since I had only beaten the game on emulator. I was like, "How bad could the load time be? Not nearly as bad as I remember them!" I think I have 3 minutes on the save file on my ps3. They may not seem bad at first but if you have to keep going in and out of your menu to equip/look at new items and have to wait 10 seconds for each battle... you may start caring.

Knightofelemia4189d ago

As long as I can enjoy a game I have been waiting for to hit the PSN I could careless

FragGen4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

If Magnus is wrong, and it's so unbearable why was everyone constantly citing this as a truly "Classic" game that everyone should play and was desperately need on PSN? It seems like if the game is *that* good, the load times are probably bearable but based on all the disagrees it seems like suddenly now this games is no longer a "Classic" and is now a "mess".

What gives? I'm genuinely curious, not saying its okay that it has bad loading (I've seen loading ruin games too), I just never played the original and kept hearing it was amazing so am considering picking it up so I honestly want to know.

Zashule4188d ago


Simple. Because the original was on SNES and had no load times. It is a truly classic game, as is FF6, but both are plagued by the same issue on the PS, and both ports could be rightfully considered by some to be a mess because of it.

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the_fox004188d ago

Peaceful_Jelly is 100% correct. As fantastic of a game that Chrono Trigger is, playing on the PS1 and having to wait more than 5 seconds for a battle to load kinda sucks the fun out.

Check this out to see what I mean.

Christopher4189d ago

It also has a $9.99 price tag instead of the usual $5.99 for PSOne titles.

Godmars2904189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Would you expect anything less from Sqaure?

Actually, how much is/was it going on Ebay? Think I sold my SNES copy - with maps - for $70 back in the day.

Peaceful_Jelly4189d ago

the PS1 version is like 12 bucks new, the Snes version is the one that has lots of value.

iXenon4189d ago

Final Fantasy VIII is $15!!

Or it was when I bought it

HeavenlySnipes4189d ago

Al the FF games cost $10 on PSN

WildArmed4189d ago

I bought it for 10$.
And I got it right after it hit (US).

And that game had 4 discs, while CT is just a port (and a bad one at that) of the SNES game (with a few added cutscenes).

I really love CT, I still have my PS1 / SNES copies. But i think i'll hold off on buying this on PSN. I'll pick it up later when I have space on my psp.

Silly gameAr4189d ago

I think I'm more disappointed by the price tag then the load times.

Merrill4189d ago

How is this even possible? Why wouldn't they remedy this before re-issuing it? DS version it is. What a shame.

imoutofthecontest4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

"When you make a copy of a copy, sometimes...things um..."
-Michael Keaton in `Multiplicity`

The DS version was the load-free SNES version with boosted content, from catridge to cartridge. This PSOne Classic, however, is a port of a bad port, and it inherited some of the problems that plagued the PSX version.

I think the game should be a little less in price as well. Honestly, the DS version has been available for however long, and I can't condone priacy, but dude, anyone can get an SNES emulator and be playing this free -- without load times -- in 5 minutes. You need to dissuade people from pirating and entice them to buy your product. Square's marketing these days seems out of touch. No wonder the company posted millions of dollars in losses recently -_-

FragGen4188d ago

The load times must have been caching issues, etc, rather than due to it being on compact disc. If the load times were disc limited moving them to PSP/PS3 memstick/hdd would have sped things up and the PSP's fast loading mode would work.

Since the PS1 games run via emulation on the PSP/PS3, any code or architecture bugs will be present. The game should run *exactly* like the original warts and all.

I doubt Square has the original source laying around in a form where irt could easily be fixed, recompiled and remastered for a PSN release and even if they do, it's hardly cost effective.

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