Four controllers, $170, and a dream: a review of Rock Band

Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica reviews Rock Band:

"There is something almost brave about the decision to make a game like Rock Band. With Activision and Red Octane ably handling the Guitar Hero franchise, what could Harmonix do that was bigger, louder, and even more daring? The answer was simple: make the guitar only one part of the set and bring gamers the experience of being in a band."

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lynx1halo3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )


And now you have proven my point with your pathetic statements that the laziness factor has set in for you and the thought of any actual sports, learning of an instrument, or any sort of real physical exercise would simply murder your cholesterol CAKED veins LOL

xsteinbachx3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

some people have not the time or money to be learning a real instrument. and what else can you think of where everyone can become a fake band for 2/3 songs without actually knowing an instrument.

grow up.

buddy i've played in clubs for Rugby, Soccer, Baseball, and Football. And work outside for a living like i've said grow up.

uxo223990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Yeah Right!

Also, why don't they get off their lazy A$$es and go play professional football instead of Madden right; or better yet, why not join the military instead of being a chicken sh!t and play COD4 right?
Oh yeah, and lets buy ourselves a car get a sponsor and drive race cars instead of playing Forza or GT right?

Please man, get over yourself. THEY ARE VIDEO GAMES, take them less seriously and instead, be a little more serious about your comments. The thing pathetic was the fact that you had the nerve to actually call people pathetic because they like paying GH or rockband or any other video game.

Get a life.

EDIT: Also lynx1halo (edit above), I actually do play the guitar and the piano. I played football in highschool, served time in the military, and as I stated before, theses are video games and only video games, here's a clue, they are suppose to be for FUN, something that you have obviously forgotten how to have.

Stop calling people "Lazy" & "Douches" & STFU!

Cat3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

i'm still marveling at how they made the instruments so compact. here i was afraid we'd need an addition just for this game.

I'm unsurprised that the solo tour isn't the high point, who wants to be in a band by themselves anyway? even with GH, we have the most fun when we have a bunch of friends over to play.

EDIT: tell your brother to suck it up and be a man, apparently i've drawn the short straw of singer! (band name t.b.d.) :P

Syko3990d ago

Yep, Like I said many times. If all your friends are of the "Virtual" kind. Play Guitar Hero. If you have real life friends Rock Band is going to be great. My little brother is pissed about being the back up Bass player, because all the slots are already filled in my band - Tug Jyna.