Saints Row 4 Currently In Development For Xbox 720? - Xbox World Dec 2011

''According to the latest issue of respected gaming publication Xbox World, Saints Row 4 is already in development for next-generation consoles, with the chaotic title in the planning stages over at THQ - a surprise given Saints Row: The Third is yet to hit store shelves.''

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PCRockStar2623d ago

I hope this is true. I'm eager to see the new systems! I know some of you aren't and that's fine. I am though.

SilleGamer2623d ago


Agreed! Hopefully we'll have some concrete information soon. :)

PCRockStar2623d ago

Agreed my friend! I love innovation and nothing is more exciting than a system launch!

SilleGamer2623d ago

Yep! It could be a good thing for the gaming industry - console launches usually kick-start increased hardware and software sales!

SITH2623d ago

I am with you guys. Out with the old, in with the new.

Shadowaste2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

cannot wait for new consoles, I have strong feeling that a new xbox console will be out 2012 holiday....I sure hope it will.

Nothing beats the start of a new gen!

Hopefully we start to hear about more titles, cannot wait to see some screens, if next-gen consoles can get to this level or better @1080p with at least 4-8x anti aliasing I'll be happy;

ATi_Elite2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

E3 2012 belongs to Microsoft!

XBL across all devices
Windows 8
Kinect 2.0
Xbox360 games on PC

dcortz20272623d ago

It's about time! Sony has been bending Microsoft over every E3 since the PS3's launch.

TyrionL2623d ago

LOL no it hasn't. The last 2 E3's I can agree with, but the years before that MS was eating Sony's breakfast.

RioKing2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )


I'm sure it's gonna be a hit! ;)

SignifiedSix2623d ago

Would be very nice seeing that I'm getting sick of the graphics of my 360 on my 56" tv. I want full 1080p on all of my games! :D

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