UGO Gamesblog: CheapyD and Wombat on the First Hour of Mass Effect

Chances are you're chomping at the bit for anything and everything Mass Effect. Well to tide you over until it hits stores on Tuesday, UGO brought together the two minds behind the CAGcast, CheapyD and Wombat, to walk you through the first hour of the game. Or just to bicker and snipe at one another for an hour…

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Chubear3987d ago

Those two arses just got unbearibly lame; what they stil think they're back i high school or something? gosh what a regular bevis and butthead duo. I hate it when girlly men think they're sooooo funny and cool, it's irritating as hell.

Now if you're homosexual I'm not targeting you but just pointing out these two paricular homosexuals were highly annoying.