FIFA 12 3DS outsold by all other versions in the all formats chart

The 3DS version of FIFA 12 has failed to sell as well as other format versions of the game, does this spell disaster for the 3DS? The 3DS Tribe analyse whether this spells bad news for Nintendo's handheld

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Dwalls11713273d ago

This is not news...we all no 3ds isnt doing well. .and sony is king if fifa games anyway

treesmurf113273d ago

Well if any console was "king of Fifa" as you put it, it'd be the 360 seeing as it sold more copies on that console, that's not the point though.

This 3DS has seen a huge improvement since the price cut so it is surprising news to even see the PS2 version out sell the 3DS version.

TheFallenAngel3273d ago

I believe FIFA sells better on PS3.

disgaeapuchi3273d ago

Indeed, the 360 version outsold the PS3 version:

ozstar3273d ago

Will you two just go get a room please

Prophet-Gamer3273d ago

FIFA sells more on PS3 WW. Obviously, it's not the case in NA and UK, the only two places the 360 actually leads.

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user8586213273d ago

Will you two just go get a room please

farhad2k83273d ago

No one else has said it? Okay I'll say it..

"50,000 people used to live here.. now, it's a ghost town!".

-The story of the 3DS.

Trunkz Jr3273d ago

Who wants to play a sport game on the 3DS when you can play it 1000x better on the console? Sport fans have been buying them year after year on consoles, why would they switch to the 3DS?

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TheFallenAngel3273d ago

I got to try the 3DS and I didn't like it. Your eyes get tired really fast after a while of "3D". Just get a regular DS if someone wants a portible nintendo.

Sobari3273d ago

Because you = everyone


treesmurf113273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Well it's more than a DS though really isn't it? You wouldn't see games like those available on 3DS on the DS.

Fair enough if you don't like the 3D though, it does have to be in right spot when using it so it can be a pain sometimes, I write for a 3DS website yet barely use the 3D effect, I still think it's a brilliant console regardless though.

Edit: FYI as to which sells better, I do have sources

disgaeapuchi3273d ago

In response to your post above (as I can't reply to it, sorry!) it seems the 360 version of FIFA outsold the PS3 one:

See Chart Track

Infernostew3273d ago

In the UK is the end of your sentence.

TopDudeMan3273d ago

Why would you buy a DS now? Soon, they'll just stop releasing games for it.

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disgaeapuchi3273d ago

Wow, this is disappointing. Didn't PES 2011 3D sell really well on 3DS launch weekend? I'm thinking EA shot themselves in the foot when they made a competent version of FIFA on the iDevices available for a fraction of the price(and obviously the tiny install base of 3DS compared to other platforms)

byeGollum3273d ago

let me guess... the 3DS is doomed? ZzZzZzZzZ

treesmurf113273d ago

Not at all, it still made the top 30 which is progress for a third party game, just a shame to see it outsold by every other console.

I fully expect 3DS software sales to improve by Christmas with the likes of Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land.

byeGollum3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

@ treesmurf11
I was being sarcastic.
Cool story tho

TopDudeMan3273d ago

I own a 3DS and didn't buy fifa. I couldn't care less about fifa. I'll buy mario and pokemon and zelda etc but no fifa.

That's not what you buy a 3DS for.

Misterhbk3273d ago

And that my friend is exactly why third parties tend to not support nintendo hardware.

TopDudeMan3273d ago

Okay, not just pokemon, mario and zelda. I'll play some other RPG like final fantasy 5 and 6 remake, maybe? And I'm also gonna get sonic generations for the 3DS, but I think football games are completely the wrong market for the nintendo handhelds.

Venox20083273d ago

we need great exclusives,not lots of fifas or pes'es..

saladthieves3273d ago

Sad but true. People buy Ninty products to play Ninty games. Period. This also happens to be a reason why (they) Ninty doesn't really have 3rd party support, as Misterhbk stated.

klecser3273d ago

I bought a DS and played mostly third party titles. I have a 3DS and love it.

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