Bungie's 'Destiny' To Be ''A Faction-Based MMOG'' - Official Playstation Magazine UK November 2011

''The November 2011 edition of Playstation: Official Magazine UK has landed, providing a wealth of rumors including a particularly interesting tidbit relating to Bungie’s upcoming multiplatform title - reporting that 'Destiny' is ''a faction-based MMOG''.

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Autodidactdystopia2665d ago

I dont like games that start with MMO.

I like bungie though.

never thought of it that way.

SilleGamer2665d ago

The title is supposedly a massive MMO featuring four rival factions - seems interesting! :)

bodybombs2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

"a massive 'massive multiplayer online'"

i always think its funny when people do that with acronyms

SilleGamer2665d ago


My bad! Thanks for pointing out. :)

Prophet-Gamer2665d ago

Speaking of which, any news on Planetside 2?

RockmanII72665d ago

If this doesn't have monthly payments it could be cool but if it does have monthly payments then Bungie is going to take a huge hit.

hellzsupernova2665d ago

that wont be up to bungie to decide it will be upto bobby contack and his wallet size.

SilleGamer2665d ago


Yeah hopefully we hear more information in the coming months regarding payment methods etc.

ShinraE52665d ago

I have a lot of curiousity about this game.

1 - Will the PS3 fanboys (not fans) who trashed Bungie for years over Halo be willing to give it a fair chance? Adversely, will the 360 fanboys (not fans) who felt "betrayed" (lord knows why) be willing to give it a chance?

2 - Will this be a free to play title, with microtransactions? or a normal subscription fee?

3 - Will it be released this gen, as we are in the last few years (most likely, anyways) of this console cycle?

4 - Finally, will they stick with FPS combat as they are familiar with, or will this be TPS? Maybe a normal action MMO?

gamer12322665d ago

I really hope they stick to an FPS. A well made MMOFPS with Bungie's touch could end up being really awesome.

Prophet-Gamer2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

1. Who really cares what fanboys think, they only represent a minute, albeit very vocal, part of the gaming community.

2. I really don't think it'll be F2P, the Bungie name is big and I'm pretty sure anything they do will sell very well. Obviously, Activision is gonna get as much money as they possibly can.

3. I really don't know as no one really knows when next gen will starts. Personally, It think it'll be 2013, but who knows, maybe MS and SONY are in it for the long run, after all this gen was very expensive for both.

4. I'd love to see a TPS as I prefer them over FPS, but hey, whatever they want to do as long as it's good, all the power to them.

MasterD9192665d ago

Bungie made ONI before Halo which was a 3rd person game...

I find it far more likely that after years of doing an FPS they are itching to do a 3rd person MMO game. Especially with it being an MMO as most are 3rd person.