Microsoft Opens 'School of the Future'

A new school, sponsored by Microsoft, named the 'School of the Future' opened in Philadelphia, USA on Thursday. It's actually a collaboration between Microsoft and two other schools.

School of the Future What has been named "one of the most advanced high schools ever conceived" opened its doors at 8am on 7th September thanks to a collaboration between the School District of Philadelphia, Microsoft and the West Philadelphia community.

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ironwolf5862d ago

We need more public/private collaborations like this to improve the school system.

Marriot VP5862d ago

Well I appreciate the effort, this school is more for an example of the future to come. 170 students, 70 million others where they came from.

But still kudos MS for leading an example

Phil Harrison5862d ago

We at Sony kill cancer. Touche!

CAPS LOCK5862d ago

so they build a school now aye, whats next cars? anway its coll to have free broadband, i will luagh if sony copies this idea.

Marriot VP5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

Actually Sony just announced today that the PS3 comes with an extra HDMI slot that will attach to your head. And using 4D technology from the cell it will feed your brain through the miracle of HDMI everything you would learn in high school.

Sony will later go on to say that Microsoft is only making an incrimental upgrade in the school system. While Sony is taking the real next gen leap to provide the world with limitless education. Also during E3, Kaz will scream out "it's standardized tests", "stttaaannndddarrrdddiizz eddd teessstttss!!!!"

The whole world will get this feature instantaneously, except for Europe where it will be delayed.

SjaakHaas5861d ago

And they will use books without rumble-functions and with a tilting feature... !

Sidherich5861d ago

looks like a complete rip-off of the University of Applied Sciences i start in 1 week. Except for that free tablet PC's. We do have WiFi all around the Campus tho so we can connect our own Laptops

The rest mentioned in this article is indeed available for us to the i.

BIadestarX5861d ago

Why is that? Cause you have wi-fi? every freaking college now have wifi... freaking McDonalds have wifi. Lets sue Microsoft for trying to help the community and ripping your school off and trying to provide wifi... how do they dare!

Sidherich5861d ago

i was just saying that this school has the same features as our school (including photovoltaic cells, etc) reading my whole comment may have revealed that. I'm not saying that they did a bad job. I'm saying that i wouldnt call this "School of the Future" because we have a school since 1999 that does this.

eques judicii5861d ago

you are correct in saying that the school is nothing new to colleges and universities, but this is a high school and the way that they are teaching is very new to that system. I'm from philadelphia and I can tell you that this certainly is a huge step up over the current schools in west philadelphia. The school is actually located in what some would call a "ghetto". I doubt your "university of applied sciences" invites a randomized selection of impoverished teens to come in and use its facilities (and i'm not just talking about the bathrooms ;-) )

Sidherich5861d ago

Its difficult for a german to see the differences there :)

We dont use the US education system.

Yes MS does alot for education. I remember that when i visited the states that every library had computers with internet access sponsored by mr gates (if i remember correctly)

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