XCM Announces PS3 Controller Mod LED Analog Thumbsticks

If you're tired of using the convex thumb sticks on the PS3TM controller, you can now replace it with the XCM Concave LED Analog Thumb Sticks.

The XCM LED Analog Thumb Sticks is not only bringing a new joy for gaming but also built-in LED light. You are able to select between colors: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Lime, Yellow and White (XCM LED Analog Thumb Sticks provides 7 various colors) or turn it off.

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Solid_Snake-3276d ago

sweet. i bet that plays a lot better having the 360 A.sticks on there.

stevenhiggster3276d ago

Nice, how difficult/easy was that to do? Any tutorial vids or anything?

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Christopher3276d ago

LED is nice, but bet it wears down the battery life of the controller.

xX_Altair_Xx3276d ago

LEDs arent that power hungry; I doubt it'll have a significant impact on battery life.

Christopher3276d ago

The controllers aren't power hungry on their own either. Adding in anything could reduce it from 8 hours of use to 7 or 6 hours, including the fact that the controller is now at least doubling the idle energy use.

Not significant, but it's still something to think about versus going with something more akin to jriquelme's implementation above.

bbadbill23276d ago

Those LEDs look cool but I enjoy the comfort of the convex sticks. Playing my xbox 360 for extended periods of time make a small spot on my left thumb sore. Just my preference but I do like the lightup sticks.