Rage HD Screenshot Comparison: PS3 Vs Xbox 360

NowGamer: Rage is a stunning-looking game – but which console does it look best on, PS3 or 360?

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Shaman4372d ago

What is this? The game doesn't appear that blue on my TV...

PCRockStar4372d ago ShowReplies(4)
Pixel_Pusher4372d ago

wow, I clicked to view the first image and an exe tried to install itself. wtf

BulletToothtony4371d ago

me too.. too bad they need an .dmg to install on my computer ;)

badz1494371d ago

RAGE is a jaggies heaven on consoles! why don't they just do a Borderland by making it cell-shaded and get done with it? these short aren't even looking close to what have been showed before! those jaggies are not gonna look pretty on larger screens! even on the pc side, there's no advanced graphic setting. looks like id really dropped the ball with this!

SignifiedSix4371d ago

Lol, bullet. Using a mac? Same here xD But it didn't try downloading anything for me :O

pixelsword4371d ago

Something funny is happening; LoT's pics look almost identical, but these pics show one to be better than another?

One is lying, the other may also be lying, but who these days are ipartial?

NeoBasch4371d ago

Knights must always tell the truth, Knaves always lie.

Person A says Person B is a Knight. Person B says either Person A is lying or he (Person B) is.

Is Person A a knight or knave? Person B?

morganfell4371d ago

Look at what we saw earlier today with the video comparisons. One site had the 360 darker, the other site had the PS3 darker.

You can't trust anything from a group of people that refuse, I mean outright refuse to list exact test setups, refuse to list detailed review standards, and consistently publish articles composed of hit hungry headlines.

european_cannon4371d ago

My God! This comparison sucks a$$!

PCRockStar4371d ago

I get flagged for trolling when I only stated the obvious in regards to the photos!
Love it!

SignifiedSix4371d ago

You have to remember. You say anything negative about the PS3 on here, you get flagged for it...

pixelsword4371d ago

Yeah, but if you say anything negative about the 360, you lose bubbles; so it evens out.

hilyou4371d ago

i would say id did a really really good job on making the graphics same on each console.

Crazyglues4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

Wow game looks amazing, been playing for 3 hours now and it's pretty cool, I'm loving it...

it's pretty cool to be playing at 60fps and you notice it right away because everything feels so much more live... Amazing Looking game..

So far I'm loving it..


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fastrez4372d ago

PS3 jaggies. Jesus. I'll be installing it then...

Feckles4372d ago

Don't think it'll make much difference - the PS3 is a mandatory install and the Xbox is optional.

Although installing the game on Xbox should improve the texture load times.

Those jaggies on the PS3 version are unforgivable though. This is hardly a good advert for the idTech 5 engine.

Shaman4372d ago

Jaggies are there because game drops resolution rather than frames when its under stress. Both are 720p native though.

NukaCola4372d ago

I have seen this game running on PS3. These jaggies are not this bad. This game looks the same on both consoles and NowGamer is full of it. They will also have two seperate people reviewing the game and I bet the scores will bve different. I really don't like this site.

DeadIIIRed4372d ago

Yep, even in the crap quality youtube videos the graphics don't look as terrible as that

SilentNegotiator4372d ago

If the game drops resolution at stressful parts, then I'm sure Nowgamer nit-picked out the worst ps3 screens they could get, when it hit the lowest parts.

Ju4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

This game runs 60fps. Likely the framerate is used to apply some sort of AA (remember how Kojima used half frame interleaving to add AA to GT PSP?). That said, those jaggies can be a result of grabbing a 16ms shot which indeed has jaggies; but won't be visible in motion. No video looks as bad as these shots. And then its a question how those shots were taken. Play with the contrast ratio and you loose color range resolution which will result in over saturated edges (hence jaggies). That's how those shots look.

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Feckles4372d ago


Would rather it lost frame rate than resolution – what's this obsession with 60fps?


Yes, this is what the PS3 version looks like. I believe NowGamer captures on this hardware:


Same as Eurogamer.

Dante1124371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

Both version had jaggies (supposedly the PS3 had more) and still had alot of pop-ins as well. No wonder this game is scored low.

From article

"Pop -ins are bad on both consoles, though it appears to take longer to load textures on the Xbox360."

Edit: Just asked a friend on Live and he said that he hasn't even noticed pop-ins in his version and that it doesn't have a blue tint to it either. I guess I'll just stick to LoT comparison.

gamingdroid4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

If it is a loading issue, it is probably cause the texture is streaming from disc. Try installing the entire game and see if the issue is still there.

However, the more frequent texture pop-in on the PS3 is quite blatant in the video below. It also shows blurry PS3 version in the pics.

Verify it yourself:


This jives well with Xbox 360 having the ability to store more texture in RAM so less pop-ins.

As you said though, we will have to wait for Digital Foundry or LoT comparison.

Gamer30004371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

so you bring the article that says:
"Pop -ins are bad on both consoles, though it appears to take longer to load textures on the Xbox360."
but some how you still think xbox360 has the better version ???
why so desperate ??
any way both version are nothing to brag about
with all the 8s and 7s this games fails big time

gamingdroid4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

As I said, it loads slower because the texture is loaded from DVD disc. If it loaded from HD, what do you think will happen?

It will be on par with the PS3 and less pop-ins.

Metacritic has this game at 82 based on 46 reviews. A very respectable score!

I think you are just upset because your favorite console didn't happen to be better on your platform of choice... not my fault so don't hate on me. :D

Gamer30004371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

lol ...i'm upest ???XD
i have always said that both will look the same
and i was right

H2H for rage from lens of truth :
they look the same in every pic
"Rollover to see the Difference. Notice the Textures look almost identical "

and from this article :
""Pop -ins are bad on both consoles, though it appears to take longer to load textures on the Xbox360." "

i know you feel sad
you want xbox win
so feel free to think what ever you like
this game have nothing in the gfx to brag about anyway

gamingdroid4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

Screenshots doesn't show popins....

As I said, was the "slower" loading of textures from disc? If so, it is obvious. Just install the game, problem solved.