Videogamer Give Mass Effect: 10/10 "Mass Effect is my game of the year."

Mass Effect is the most beautiful dice roll you never saw. It is an illusion, a picture perfect disguise, one that makes the foundations upon which role playing games are built - statistics, levelling up, character development - dissolve in an HD gust of wind.

Because of this Mass Effect transcends its genre - a genre that began with a notepad, pen and dice all those years ago - and fully deserves its rightful place in the pantheon of science-fiction entertainment.

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predator4038d ago

another perfect score for this amazing game, where is MK, he would love all these reviews

MK_Red4038d ago

I'm with you my friend :)
Indeed a great score.
10/10 = a superb score that ME deserves. A game doesn't have to be perfect to be a 10/10 and super awesome.

RadientFlux4038d ago

Bioware has always been the pinnacle when comes to Western RPGs. So it's not a big surprise to see Mass Effect score this well.

It's going to be hard to wait an extra month so I can play this gem without having to worry about work.

aiphanes4038d ago

I know this game is still good...but it does not deserve a perfect score of 10.0...

bumnut4038d ago

no game is perfect, but maybe there are not many bugs and with the size of the game, the reviewers missed them.

remember, a review is just an opinion

BIoodmask4038d ago

to hear that the game is living up to the hype. It has been a long time since an innovative RPG like Mass Effect has come out.

Props to Bioware for taking risks and trying to create something totally new.

predator4038d ago

agree, just like naughty dog, gone with soming new, and created somthing amazing.

TheMART4038d ago

They'll just keep coming those 90% + reviews. A few dropped out only below. The average score will go up though from 92% to where will it end...

Douchebaggery4038d ago

does the fact that a game meta score is in the 90s make more enjoyable than if it was in the 80s?

wolfehound224038d ago

Not sure but I'm thinking old marty works for metacritic or one of these other sites, because thats practically all he talks about. I feel as long as a game score 70 to 75 and above at the very least rent the damn thing first. I guess marty has only played a few games in his life and he must pray day and night for the 360 games to be ranked 90 or above so he can come in here and say so. Just like he was praying that ratchet was belowe 90 the day it happened he posted that it was no longer AAA that it dropped to 89.7 on gamerankings. Talk about childish. Get a life little man play the games you like wether they are 9+ or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.