1UP Show previews Resistence: Fall of Man

I know this is kind of late, I thought that someone must have posted this before me, but from my observations i guess not. So please enjoy this resistence footage.

1up show 9/8/06

Resistence Preview/ Insomniac tour

Resistence Gameplay Videos
Single Player

Also in the show be sure to check out Half-life 2: Ep2, Portal, Team Fortress, and Final Fantasy 3 goodies.

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Captain Tuttle5870d ago

Some real gameplay footage. And it looks good. I'm kind of surprised about their being no system link play, though. And with the footage that they showed I could see the levels being a bit repetitive. I hope this game dosen't take place only in the city. In that regard it would be like Half-Life 2 and Episode 1. Really good the first time through but not much replay value (at least in my opinion). The hosts were also hesitant to say whether this would be a system seller or not. But it does look really good, graphics and framerate.

BIadestarX5870d ago

this game is more like half life or gears of war; halo is not just a shooter that you can detrone with uglier monsters and pretier graphics. this game is not in the same category as halo; it still have to survive to another series. its funny how some people think that all halo fans will simply switch and abandon it for this. this ip has to earn that spot; that's if it is not overshadowed by gears of war... also don't forget halo 3; it will be a major improvement over its predecessor; so while some ip are trying to match halo2(why else would they mention halo) bungie is concentrating in introducing new ideas and innovations.

THAMMER15870d ago

But I don’t think its $600.00 good. I know with the PS3 the extra cash is for the BR drive, but this game just dose not sell me on game for the system. The host also mentioned half life 2 and it made me think they were saying that compared to other games this dose not hold a candle. As a gamer I want what I saw good graphics and good game play. I just want to see more to be sold on the PS3.

Captain Tuttle5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

I guess this is what I was trying to say in my first post. It looks good, but $600 good? All that really matters is whether it's fun or not. Almost everyone who gets a PS3 at launch will get this game. The question is whether it will make people sitiing on the fence get one, say in mid to late 2007. Halo did that with the Xbox. I'm not sure that Resistance will do that for the PS3.

HyperBear5870d ago

It is definately, whether you hate FPS or not, you should just pick this game up for the PS3, if your getting a PS3. Thats simply Put. There has never been a game like this, out of all the 15000 or something PlayStation branded games, that match up to this game. I am a huge FPS fan, so ill be picking this game up, and playing it on my cousins, cause he hates FPS and he is getting a PS3 just for Final Fantasy, what a retard. but yea. I bought XBox and 360 cause simply put all the excellent shooter, Halo, gears of war, call of duty, Ghost Recon, all those shooters and more are the very best for shotting and only the 360 has them. Plus Xbox was pretty well made for shooting games. i think half of all games being made right now are shooters, just cause XBox is a shooter system and it was made to take shooting games to the next level. Which it has, but just not what Insomniac has done with Resistance on PS3. Never seen anything like it, but yea, totally diff. from Halo.

PS360PCROCKS5870d ago

Wow. That's crazy how the aliens attack the screen, very original and creepy. Other than that this game yes indeed looks good, but it's very bland to me, the levels lack alot of detail. Compared to GOW, I think GOW will be much more talked about and popular than Resistance. It will definetly sell PS3's because theirs no other games to rival it...