Kmart Deals For Rage, NBA 2K12, And Dark Souls

Alright, it’s time to usher in October with some big games and big deals. All of the below offers are valid from 10/2 – 10/8. Kmart will be doling out a $20 gaming coupon for Shop Your Way Reward Members (free to join) for each of the following new releases that come out 10/4.

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Jobesy4665d ago

Free GOW: Origins with Sony wireless 7.1 headset is a great deal.

acemonkey4665d ago

that sounds cool but i just got a turtle beach headset lol GOW origins will be cheap around black friday...we all are going to look kinda dumb then when the games were buying are 60 is 25-30....but im happy getting the games on the release date but just wait for black friday your headset be cheaper too


Brace Yourselves, Tarnished: Revisiting the Greatest Soulsborne Boss Battles - Part I: Dark Souls

With Elden Ring's DLC Shadow of the Erdtree coming this month, JDR takes a look back at the greatest Soulsborne bosses. To start with, those of Dark Souls.

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Dark Souls: Archthrones Reaffirms Modding Is The Best Thing To Happen To Games

"Dark Souls: Archthrones is like playing a brand new FromSoftware game, and that speaks volumes about just how much good modding can do," says Hanzala from eXputer.


The prevalence of parrying: Why is it so popular?

Parrying has been creeping into more games, with almost every high-profile title of the last few years featuring it in some way.  Why?

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phoenixwing112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

i understand the authors frustration i'm not the best at parrying in games. not that i can't complete a game that requires it but it is a definite harder thing for me than other kinds of techniques in games. which might be the main reason it's so heavily added in games nowadays. want to make your game challenging without having to do a lot of work? just add a parry boss. (what i mean by parry boss is a boss you have to beat by parrying such that their attacks will kill you otherwise)

Dudeson112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I always think it's fine as long as such games also have the roll/dodge panic button. But I understand the will to parry, it seems so cinematic in a fight when you pull it off.

43d ago