Suda Hints at No More Heroes 3 In The Works

Goichi Suda, the CEO of Grasshopper Manufacturer, hinted while at Eurogamer that there is a potential that the next No More Heroes game is in the works. While he refuses to completely confirm the rumor, he also refuses to state whether such a title would be on the Nintendo Wii, or the Wii U (or perhaps another console). Suda had this much to say:

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Shok4146d ago


No More Heroes is fuckin awesome.

Mike_Tha_Hero4146d ago

NICE. I can see great things coming in a third title. Such an awesome series.

admjwt4146d ago

Another no more heros? well thats pretty...MLG LEGIT!!!

murcielago44146d ago

no way... that's awesome, anybody know if Suda is gonna bring NMH2 to the PS3? it would be cool to have all 3 games on the PS3.

GuruGavrill4146d ago

To be honest, I believe I heard him say that he had no plans to, which is why he put NMH 2 bosses into Heroes' Paradise.

lodossrage4146d ago

I think I remember something like him saying that too.

But honestly, I've learned that the word "never" gets broken time and time again.

Like when 2k CONSTANTLY said "there will never be a ps3 bioshock". And we all know what happened about a year later.

So yeah, today's never can become tommorow's maybe.

ShaunCameron4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Indeed. What's the point of him porting NMH 2 over when PS3 owners get 5 bosses from that game alongside original port?


lodossrage4145d ago

What's the point?

Two words: Story Continuity

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The story is too old to be commented.