3D Realms polishing up Duke Nukem Forever

The still unreleased Duke Nukem game was first announced almost 10 years ago in April of 1997, and speculation last month about the fate of the game lured out the developer, 3D Realms President George Broussard responded it's still in development.

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Jakens5862d ago

I really look forward to playing Duke Nukem Forever the day that it is released. I have wanted the game for about two years or so. I have no reason to say anything bad about it. In fact, it has thousands of dedicated fans. I am also very proud of the developers who put work into this, and other worthy projects.

wakkiwakko5862d ago

Y'know, if DNF is as half as good as Prey then it will be a great game. :) FPS's need characters with attitude! It just gives you that little extra. :D

Captain Tuttle5862d ago

This game just needs to go away. Who cares anymore?

FlamingTide5861d ago

For someone who hasn't played DN I think this is a good thing. It'll give people a chance to play a classic even though it is before their time

RealDoubleJ5861d ago

I've waited too long on a Duke Nukem sequel, but when that Megadeth riff starts up, I'll be chewin bubblegum baby

calderra5861d ago

To 3D Realms: Go to hell.
Seriously. The continued production of DNF is the worst blight on the industry today, and the continued effort to delude hopeless fans into continuing their support is just stupid.

How much money has been wasted on this project? How much time? Simply kicking the project off to any of the other major devs who would jump at this would have yielded a great title YEARS ago, and your people could already be working on the sequel.

For the love of all that is holy, GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!!