Best Buy's sale on ICO and God of War: Origins

So Best Buy has ICO/SotC and GOW Origins Collection discounted from $40 to $24.99. How about getting each collection for $15? Goozernation has the details.

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fluffydelusions2570d ago

Argh... I don't have time to play all these games lol. I'm getting dark souls and possibly rage (reviews pending) tomorrow.

princejb1342570d ago

omg i have the time but since im broke i cant get them
dammmm you obama fix the economy

kube002570d ago

For $15 its tough to pass on this deal. Now if only my local BB had this in stock...

BiggCMan2570d ago

Same problem here, just called and they won't be getting new copies till next week, SH!T!!

SilentNegotiator2570d ago

SAME. They didn't have a single copy of ICO HD. I ended up searching nearby stores and ended up buying just a copy of ICO (the last copy that store had).

I was disappointed, but I'm having a blast with SotC/ICO :)

rezzah2570d ago

I got this deal the day it came out, so there were quite a few in stock.

Already beat out ICO twice =)

puffkix2570d ago

The @Gamer coupons are generally pretty awesome, especially if you're willing to wait a month or so to pick up a new release (that's when the coupon will be in the mag), and by that time the price has already dropped so you're saving even more money. Of course, waiting can be hard...

NeoBasch2570d ago

Between this and CheapAssGamer, I hardly pay $60 for anything anymore. Of course, I don't mind waiting as much as other people do. Easy to pass on a release if you already have a huge backlog of games to play.

Blaine2570d ago

Some games I just have to buy Day 1. But others, it just feels so damn good to pick them up for 20$!

puffkix2570d ago

Totally agree, I don't have time for the 10 games sitting unopened on my coffee table let alone a brand new one (or two in this case).

zero_gamer2570d ago

I know what you mean. I stopped paying $60 on games a long time ago. Waiting for sales doesn't really hurt as you're spending less cash on video games and you're allowing yourself more money in your wallet for more important things in life.

UltimateIdiot9112570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Same here. It's why I don't buy used games ever as I can usually wait long enough to get a new game for dirt cheap (6 months to a year).

The best deal I remember I scored from Best Buy was Soul Calibur IV for $10 a month after release.

<3 CAG and SD

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kube002570d ago

Have you ever gotten the magazine in store?

puffkix2570d ago

No, I received issue 1 for being part of the Gamer's Reward Zone that Best Buy has and subscribed right after I finished reading it.

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