Destructoid gives 3/10 to Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Destructoid writes:

"Kane and Lynch could have been so good. It comes from the guys who brought us Hitman, after all, and it seeks to provide the player with a much more character-focused, story-driven experience than 95% of the games available on the market today.

Kane and Lynch, as was promised to us, would have been a slam-bang Hollywood blockbuster with interesting, amoral protagonists and an intense crime plot. What went wrong?

A lot, unfortunately. A hell of a lot."

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Douchebaggery3987d ago

this generation is all about extremes perfect or garbage.

BloodySinner3987d ago

$60 is a lot of money... So people expect more out of this generation.

Zoidy3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Well, ths is not the first review (GamerTV last weekend didn't like it much) to pour scorn onto Kane and Lynch so I have cancelled my pre-order. Shame, was looking forward to it as early previews showed promise.

Plenty of decent games out this month to keep me going til MGS4.

chanto233987d ago

i rented the game yesterday and its GARBAGE...the aiming is awkward, seems like the bullets dont register sometimes. The multi-player is cool is you forget how bad the gameplay is. 5/10 at most for this game, stay away from it...

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The story is too old to be commented.