Best RPGs of the Tokyo Game Show

Heath and Janelle of RPG Land reflect upon their play experiences of the RPGs at the Tokyo Game Show and see which ones actually deserve the hype.

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imoutofthecontest4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Would be nice to also get the DS Ni no Kuni.
As feared, FFXIII-2 wasn't so good.

Troll-without-Bridge4192d ago

i love how he left out FFXIII-2, which was immensely popular at the show, just to be a poser.

FlashXIII4192d ago

Haven't even read the article but just the highlights bit he mentions about seeing which ones deserve the hype. With how Square have been with consoles this gen, it doesn't deserve the hype.

Aloren4192d ago

Hmmm... isn't that completely contradictory with the concept of "actually deserving" ?

I mean, if the game is good when people play it, it simply deserves the hype, no matter what the developer has done before.

imoutofthecontest4191d ago

Final Fantasy XIII-2's TGS demo was pretty bad and the game apparently doesn't look as good as Dragon's Dogma or Ni no Kuni. Is it really that hard to imagine that there are games people are more excited about than a Final Fantasy sequel?

Dragon's Dogma and Ni no Kuni were extremely impressive and that's that. :D

darfreeze4192d ago

No FFXIII-2? at least mention it. It's like one of the chosen game to be awarded the Future Game Award by the people who attended the TGS.

Zanarkand4192d ago

Be serious, FFXIII-2 is going to be a good game like its predecessor and it was the spotlight of TGS. Why wouldnt it make it to the top 3 at the least?

DragonKnight4192d ago

FFXIII wasn't a good game at all. Why would you say it was? Maybe it was good to you, but that's different. The majority believes otherwise.

Eamon4192d ago

Seeing how the gameplay of FF13-2 is almost exactly the same as FF13, my only hope is that the story will be better and up to the usual FF standards.

DragonKnight4192d ago

Yeah, I was never a fan of FFXIII's battle system. They should have done what FFX and X-2 did in my opinion. But just with the battle system. The Charlie's Angels style was awful.

Zanarkand4191d ago

Well cool i must be one of a kind then. I love the classic FFs more but the new ones keep me entertained and as cheesy as 13 was... well for the majority you say, just the butthurt. :P

imoutofthecontest4191d ago

Vita and GREE were the spotlight of TGS. They were the two things everyone was talking about, writing about, and walking around with memorabilia of, and their respective booths were hands-down the biggest. The West doesn't know or care about GREE so it's easy for them to ignore it, but it's huge here. That and PSVita were what was wowing people.

Also I don't see a top three listed in the feature, only a top 2. Maybe it would have made a top 3 if there was a #3, but I don't think they need to create a number three just for that game. Then why not make a 4 or 5 or 6? Where does it end, you know?

Slicer4192d ago

FF Type- 0 should be on the Vita not the PSP.

Tanir4191d ago

makes no sense, the game has been being developed for psp since ff13 got announced, so how does that make sense lol

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