PS3 Preview - 'Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom'

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is an action role-playing game due out on launch day for the PS3. Dark Kingdom places a clear emphasis on the action half of that genre tag, though from what SOE revealed about the story at E3, it sounds like there will be no shortage of drama. You play as one of your king's elite soldiers who's been on a long journey at the kingdom's edge, conquering new lands for the glory of your sovereign, only to discover he's not so sovereign after all. See, the king has fallen under the spell of an evil force, Wormtongue style, and has begun to enslave the people of the inner provinces. It turns out that, as you've been helping expand the borders of the empire, the king has begun torturing his subjects to extract the dark energy he needs to transform his loyal soldiers into a fearsome demonic army. When you finally get wind of these goings on, you haul it back toward the seat of power to put things right.

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achira5447d ago

i think the game will be better than anyone thinks. playing it in coop mode would be cool.

andy capps5447d ago

Looks ok, but meh.. This looks like a filler title as of now, maybe it will look better once they can show in-game videos and say more about the story.

InSpectre5447d ago

Screenshots don't make a game, but the more I see and hear about this game the more interested I am. Like all other devs they're keeping the better stuff secret until closer to launch.

Lucidmantra5447d ago (Edited 5447d ago )

Looks on par with xbox360 release games. And all they rave about is the "physics, the physics puzzles". It is wierd how they were saying "the graphics the graphics" last year and they switched. Untold Legends is essentially the same thing as Everquest Adventures, Diablo 2, etc. etc.

Tagged the agree on that screenshots don't make the game comment too.. Screenshots make alot of things look bad.

OutLaw5447d ago

That game doesn't even come close to the 360 release titles. If I had to compare Untold Legends to anything. It will be Kameo and still this game doesn't even come close to that. Give me a thousand warriors first before comparing it to anything. Remember Sony is claiming the system is btter than the 360. So no games should be on par like you say. But better than what the 360 has and so far I don't see anything like that.

Lucidmantra5447d ago

Well I was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. I did say it is funny how they are switching from graphics graphics to physics physics... They know better than to say online online... they will get their D1cks slapped into the dirt if they go there.

andy capps5447d ago

Look at it closer to launch and you can say if it is still "inferior" to Kameo. It is silly to compair graphics of launch games as none of the developers will have maxed out the console. I don't think many people will argue that the PS3 is superior graphically, I sure won't, but that difference will not be apparent until around 3 years into the cycle. Did anyone think that games that looked as good as God of War (the real GoW, not Gears of War) would have been possible at the PS2's launch? I sure didn't.

So anyway, it's unfair to judge the launch titles and say that "OMG TEH PS3 IS TEH SUXORZ!!11" And yes, physics and graphics are both important, the graphics is what helps you to think something looks realistic, but great physics lead to higher level of immersion in the game.

OutLaw5447d ago

But the system have to make it that far (3 Years) as well before we could go on and say how much stronger the PS3 is to the 360. As for comparing it at launch. I do love my PS2 and if they do good with the PS3 great. But if non of those launch titles don't look light years away people are going to be mad that they spend that type of cash. Hey, Even the 3D0 had potential to be something with the power it had. But. 1) The system was to expensive and 2) They didn't convince enough people on it. To me the same could be said for the PS3.

Phytonadione5447d ago

I don't understand the comparison of the PS3 with 3DO and NeoGeo. Yes I see the similarities when it comes to price and power, but neither of those systems had the benefit of having an installed fan base. Developers are going to produce games for the most popular system, no matter how easy/hard it is to develop for, a lesson we learned with the PS2. It's as simple as that.

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