Mass Effect Video Review by GameTrailers

Is this RPG out of this world?


GT Scores:
• Story: 9.5
• Design: 9.8
• Gameplay: 9.7
• Presentation: 9.0
• Overall: 9.6

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predator3988d ago

can someone tell me the score it got, im in work and it wont load.

Relcom3988d ago

I very curious. First guess 9.5.

REbirth3988d ago

gametrailers gave 9.6 to mass...

looks very pretty...
still want to know if this game is bigger than kotor or fable (time spent)...

predator3988d ago

cheers Rebirth,

great reviews across the board, fantastic game

mighty_douche3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

good score!

enjoy it RPG fans!

MK_Red3988d ago

1.Great find and score.
2.Lol at the disagree you got for a question...

Silver Bull3t3988d ago

The gametrailers review claims 20 hours if you stick to the main questline.

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Vojkan3988d ago

Another 360 overrated game. Did you folks see comment at the end? When that ugly big hair freak reviewer said "Framerate drops are very often, loading screens are aslo quite often(freezing screen in middle of game, how last gen is that?), texture pop in after few seconds, but it is easy to overlook it"- omg if this was in Uncharted or any other PS3 exclusive it would be such a big deal, but since it is on crapbox it is easy to overlook!?! MORON! Also leaps move unproportionately compared to voice, hair in game looks so bad, animation is no way near Ratchet, Uncharted or Heavenly Sword. Characters in ME look so plastic and fake. Ughh.
9.6 for this short junk. 20 hours my azz. Few sites(1UP one of them) said that game main campaign is 13 hours. I guess this freak counted time he spend reading those stupid "infos" about planets and other useless crap. But hey you know how funboys are.

Relcom3988d ago

I mean c'mon. They do no wrong

controlfreak783988d ago

But these are things that can be patched later. Right?

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The story is too old to be commented.