MegaTV IPTV for PS3 launches in Korea; US, Europe to follow

I4U News and (see Alternative Sources) report that Sony and Korean telco KT has demonstrated and announced the launch of the HD IPTV service MegaTV for the Sony PS3 in South Korea.

The MegaTV video on demand service for the PS3 will launch on Nov. 20th in South Korea. Content of the MegaTV service includes drama series, animated features, movies and sports. The MegaTV support is already included in the firmware 2.0 update and is supposed to activate on Nov. 20th.

In addition, reports that Europe and the US are expected to receive the service at some point next year.

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Skerj3987d ago

Dooooope, I wonder if we can get the content without being in Korea with one of the PSN accounts.

SmokeyMcBear3987d ago

so sony is actually showing their ip tv content.. where is microsofts?

the worst3987d ago

dont worry there going 2 copy it

OOG FunK3987d ago

yea good question cuz I remember hearing about this for microsoft long befor Sony ah well interesting it is but good question where is MS at? lol

Silver Bull3t3987d ago

working on integrating an affortable HARDWARE digital tuner for TRUE IPTV. Not a streamed netflix ripoff on a software IPTV emulator. If you think you'll be flipping channels on a streamed IPTV service in "TRUE HD" quickly like you do with your home service you're sorely mistaken. Prepare for buffering and lag, or even worse, paying for bandwidth a-la LIVE!

M$ does this now, but at least doesn't tout it as IPTV...

Biphter3986d ago

A "Tuner" for IPTV, thats the whole point, its sent via Internet Protocl so it IS software based. All you need is a system that can connect to the internet (i.e A LAN port, or even wireless although I imagine a dedicated LAN connection will be more efficient for streaming).

What "Hardware" do you think Microsoft will be adding to the Xbox 360 to make it work with IPTV? Thats right, none because its all possible with software, i.e a simple firmware update.

As far as other hardware goes, you *Might* need some extra hardware in the shape of a special router with Microsofts solution, but no concrete details have been forthcoming as of yet. What I do know is that i've seen an implementation of Microsofts IPTV here in Denmark running on an STB made by K.I.S.S. You have to subscribe to TDC (Tele Danmark). With this you HAVE to use a special router, and it comes as part of the "Rental" package. I'm not sure if its compulsary or if its just TDC making sure they have no problems with folks using their own routers and having setup problems. What I saw, though, was nice. Channel switching was quick (Its actually quicker than a REAL tuner as there is no switching delays with IP) but its only running SD at the moment with a 1Mbit cap, no HD content just yet, But all it needs is a higher cap (as higher speeds become more standard) and HD will be running fine. The beauty of IPTV over physical hardware tuners is that to upgrade it you don't need to change hardware tuners with set specifications.

The PS3 is even more ideal than the Xbox 360 as it has a Gigabit LAN port. Of course you will need an incredibly fast internet conection to maintain High Quality (i.e. Smooth) imagery in HD, but having a Gigabit connection will help with bandwidth immensely. But before all this there will be PlayTV in Europe which IS a Hardware based digital TV solution with a USB DUAL DVB Tuner (Thats HD capable). But thats for DVB signals grabbed OTA (Freeview) or subscriber.

TDC are offering a DVB-C Digital TV service right now here in DK which should be compatible with the Dual Tuner for Play TV, hopefully ;) Otherwise Freeview here is pretty lame with only 4 channels (DR1 DR2 TV2 and a channel for Deaf folks thats only airing 1 hour a day)Compared to UKs 40+.

Personally, I would vote for IPTV as it IS the future of TV in my opinion. Sony opting for the PlayTV solution is just a stop gap I recon, until the general internet speeds of the average joe increase to a level that can sustain a solid HD IPTV signal. But its nice to know we have choices :)

Skerj3987d ago

I think the 360 IPTV is coming with the new update.

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The story is too old to be commented.