IGN UK reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

How much you enjoy Uncharted will probably depend on what expectations you bring. If you're looking for an intelligent rival to Tomb Raider you'll be disappointed. If it's nine hours of giddying high-def, Hollywood-style entertainment you want, Uncharted more than fits the bill. Sure, gamers are still waiting for Sony's PS3 to offer some serious depth to its high-gloss exclusives but, if you're looking for reckless, rollercoaster adventure as the cold nights draw in, IGN know exactly where X marks the spot.

Overall score: 8.4/10

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nix4039d ago

but still.. i'm wondering what Gamespot (sorry i spelled out the name) is upto. they must have lost their "dice" which consists of numbers 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5.

Baba19064039d ago

if someone gives this game less than 8 im going to visit them * wave with my fist*

CrashSharc4039d ago

ok I've beat this game and I think it's probably the best Single Player experience I've ever had. BAR NONE. I seriously hate taking sides in a stupid fanboy rant, but seeing all these scores for an awesome game, then seeing substantially higher scores for equally good games on a diff. platform just pisses me off. (and yes I own a 360 and PS3 so I know what I'm talking about....) Whatever, I hope gamers are smart enough to see the great games for themselves....

osirisomeomi4039d ago

It sounds like the reviewer just wrote that the game isn't his kind of game, and rated it poorly. He admitted that the overall quality, mechanics and storytelling is brilliant. Once again, we're shown that reviewers are just gamers who get paid to spout off opinions.

beast4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

This was the most fun I EVER HAD PLAYING A GAME.SInce MGS2

PEOPLE PLAY THE GAME. The animation is funtastic its JUST LIKE A MOVIE there are NO LOADING through out the game. The HUD has no icon hence u feel totally in the game, you cant tell the difference from cut-scien to actual gameplay. As per game lenght its perfect plus i gurantee u if you started it you wont put it down, on normal it took me 12 hours and picked up 23 of 60 treasures.

NAUGHTY DOG THANK YOU , You made my ps3 worthwhile

EDIT : So people are diagreeing with "THAT I HAD MOST FUN".. wow i didnt realize you can disagree with my p[ersonal experinece.

gunnerforlife4039d ago

im sorry but this is pethetic, this sites r looking like fannyboys more and more

mighty_douche4039d ago

sealed the deal for me. just good old fashioned fun, like bumming a nun.

Neurotoxin4039d ago

Lol..... If you weren`t already going to hell You sure will be after that comment ;) hehe.. See you there.

mighty_douche4039d ago

shame theres no co-op, we'd be set.

Real gamer 4 life4039d ago

IT show that reviews are people opinions. IGN give the game a 9.1 and then ign Uk give the game a 8.4. Well this game has be averaging a score of 9.0 so i am good. gametrailers gave the game 8.9. nevertheless this game is a wonderful game, its beautiful and it has the best animation of any game right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.