Xbox President dismisses Sony's online efforts

Xbox president: Microsoft's Robbie Bach has dismissed Sony's PlayStation Network, saying he doesn't believe the console rival offers an online gaming service comparable to Xbox Live.

The company is currently celebrating five years of Xbox Live, with over 8 million users signed up to the service. "It's fair to say that Xbox Live is clearly head and shoulders above anything anyone else has tried to do. We don't have competition," said Bach, speaking to the LA Times.

"Sony has done some things online, but nothing that can be called a service. We have a big advantage and we're going to keep pressing that advantage," Bach added.

Robbie Bach, the 45-year-old president of the division that runs Microsoft's games and music business, talks with the Los Angeles Times before the five-year anniversary of Xbox Live.

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HarryEtTubMan4014d ago

HAHA Micsoft is scared. Big Brothers knocking on your front door! PS HOME WILL BE HERE SOON! I have NEVER seen Sony call out Microsft... about 60% defective piece of trash consoles or anything. Microsft is desperate for anything to try and make the Xbox seem better. Its really a big pile of sh!t

the worst4013d ago

b4 talking about sony online

Daytona4013d ago

But you wouldn't know that b/c your just a sony pswannabe 3 fan.

Kokoro4014d ago

is the five year lead and amazing download service. It's really the best out there, but they still need to make it available everywhere first

jromao4013d ago

...forgot to talk about the $$$ they charge gamers to connect ??

...or he AVOID to talk about how MS only wants to cash ?

...his speach only shows they ARE worried about PS3 growth, why didn't he just refer he have also the PS3 at home ?

leon764013d ago

Agree 100% with jromao...SPOOOOORTING!!!!

Daytona4013d ago

That's only $4.16 a month. That's dirt cheap for this incredible servive little boy.

There's nothing like it and there's nothing like the new WorldWide servive they've planned for late 2008. Home will look like a cheap hooker compared to this.

Bubble Buddy4013d ago

umm silver, isn't really online? o_0, and yeah 50 bucks a year is another game >.0 and think about it, paying for it at least for 5 years. can you do the math, or is it too difficult for you? plus, if u have a school or job, the time will be limited cept for like weekends, holidays . etc.

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PimpHandHappy4014d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

i didnt know that. I know they have the zune but thats not really a service is it?


Sony offers a certain brand of online service, FREE! They also have this thing called dedicated servers and these servers allow for online games that hold 32players unlike anything on XBL.

If you want to show off some achievments XBL is great

if you want to play massive lag free online battles PSN is the place to be and you dont even have to pay for the service.

If Home works like they want XBL will look like messenger and PSN will then look like the WORLD WIDE WEB in 3D!

MS does have the better online service but then again its been in the works for 5 years

ADD ON: Hey bladeguy can i ask u something (i wont be back for a few days so i wont see ur reply). In 5 years what improvments has XBL made? What is better now then 5 years ago on launch? I dont mean things u can download. What i mean is in terms of making ur online gaming better what have they improved in the last 5 years and the 500MILLION they make a year on it. What has all that money got you?

if u have had live for 5 years u have spent 250bucks and then add the few games they have that are worth buying from the market place

Bladestar4014d ago

"MS does have the better online service but then again its been in the works for 5 years"... how does that change anything.. next year they will be 6 years... 7.. 8... 9.. 10... and unless Sony comes up with some time travel.. XBox live will always be 4 years ahead...

SeanScythe4013d ago

I think this is why sony delayed Home. They want it to have everything it needs to out do XBL, I'm willing to bet that games will have in-game menus for messages but since you load games from home it will be more interactive. Also you will have the same setting in the XMB after home is added. Sony isn't playing around they know we want all that stuff but they want to give it to us in one big serving.

Sayai jin4013d ago

Not really. Home is going to good, but it will not be anything like XBL. Basically it's a online sim. I think they delayed it, simply becuase it is not fully functional.

jackfatal4013d ago

not "not fully functional"

home will own when it arrives!!
sony please dont screw this!!

titntin4013d ago

Geez the guy speaks twaddle, but I expect at a 5 year celebration you'd expect him to bash any competition. Xbox live is a great service and I'm happy to hear him extoll its virtues. But to claim that PSN is not even a service ought to be beneath him.
Its hurts to approve such nonsense, but I will anyway...