Deja vu or re-record?

Iain Gray remembers Betamax - even if Sony doesn't.

Back in the 1980s, at around the same time as perms, Pong! and Pat Sharpe, consumers could walk into an electrical retailer and be faced with a choice between two video formats - Sony's Betamax and JVC's VHS.

Each had their merits and flaws but the difference in quality between the two was negligible. So when VHS achieved market dominance and Betamax was confined to car boot sales and charity shops, it was costly blow to Sony.

However, never one to give up, Sony is now heavily embroiled in another format war. This time the battlefield is High Definition home cinema and the company is up against the not-inconsiderable might of Toshiba and Microsoft

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v1c1ous3985d ago

even if it meant adding a blu-ray player to 360?

wil4hire3985d ago


Disney trumps both Microsoft & Toshiba in the film & media world. And thats just 1 Bluray backer.

eagle213985d ago

Sony 21.1% market share. News Corp. (Fox) 17.0%. Walt Disney Company 16.7%. Time Warner 14.9%. Viacom (Paramount) 11.0%. General Electric (universal) 10.9%. Get it? beta and vhs were rooted for home recording and movie rentals. Today about film purchases. Look at top 3. It's over.

Kholinar3985d ago

"beta and vhs were rooted for home recording and movie rentals."

The rest of your comment is fine, but that last doesn't seem entirely accurate. Sure, recording was the killer app of the medium, but that was definitely not what the studios or content/hardware makers pushed it for...

games4fun3985d ago

dont forget to mention how long blu ray has consistently beaten hd-dvd for every single week lol.

Delive3985d ago

When you get bored and post things just because, it becomes irritating to those fishing through the headlines for good unbiased news. And seeing how "Unbiased" this site can be at times, every article like this adds to the pile we have to filter through.

paul_war3985d ago

lol, I suspect if this was biased one way or another it would have been aproved in ten minutes (not 7 hours) and be at 300 degrees by now!

darthv723985d ago

Quality wise the beta produced a slightly superior image for recording which translated into a better image for playback as well. Licensing is where it hurt Sony. VHS took off due to the licensing of the tech to other makers and with so many more manufacturers making VHS it was soon bye bye to beta.

The superior format didnt win then. What makes this format war any different (other than studio support)? You still have sony on the side of the better format. Their track record of proprietary formats isnt all that great but you got to give them cred for continuing to try.

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