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Want to play, but don't know where to start? Nick Cowen assesses the must-have kit, then picks out the top games from 2007 that any 'gamer' just shouldn't be without.

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jackfatal3987d ago

any way ps3 turn is taking place everywhere in the world!!
i was dreaming about it last night of having the white ps3:D!! it was so nice dream!!!

have u guys saw the red ps3?? its amazing!! specially the controller!

ShadoWulf3987d ago

But are you fanboys seriously nuts? Do you think Sony getting more money from their console affects you at all? Do the sales of a console really affect your gaming experience? If the Wii wasn't number one, I wouldn't care at all. In fact, it might make the experience better, as people would no longer have to take cheap shots at it to make themselves feel better.

So, with that point, don't expect to be liked anymore just because your console is rising (to the top?). In fact, expect more loathing. It's kind of like being president.


Genuine3987d ago

You didn't even read the article did you.

"In a hit-game-driven industry, Microsoft leaves its competitors in the dust. The three must-haves in the gallery below are arguably the best three releases this year for any system - and they're all Xbox 360 exclusives."

OOG FunK3987d ago

are you warped or just retardedly weird?

jackfatal3987d ago

cant i dream??? its not that i can control my dreams though!!

Bubble Buddy3987d ago

lmfaoo, i was just about to say that bubble for u, and for which console, all of em (Y). though i ca only afford one, the ps3 is my choice

Genuine3987d ago

I agree with this article. As a game machine, the 360 is hands down the best choice for a next-gen gaming system. And yes, I own a ps3.