MMO Select: A List Of Games You Need To Play;

Daniel Owens from provides us with a hand picked list of MMOs we need to try at least once. If you are bored, having trouble deciding what to play then this list of FREE quality games may be the solution you are looking for.

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Sidewinder-3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I remember playing Face of Mankind (albiet after it had gone free to play). I think it might have been closed then re-opened since then, I'm not sure.

Playing it, you could feel that the game could be very, very good. It's highly dependant on the players though. Possibly too much.

There's about 8 or so factions set over a bunch of crazy sci-fi neo-modern settings.

The problem I found was that, only two or even 3 factions turned out to be the most played. Two were allied (all player forged - i.e. the head honcho players of each faction decreed it so) so the third faction was slowly dying out. It just turned into a shooting game, when really there shouldve been a lot more to it.

The trailers for it made it look like a kick-ass world to be in. It uses a perma-death feature too (though you had a few lives on free mode - and you had to buy more're a gonner).

Look at me, hyping myself up on this. May re-try it soon.

MMOGames3514d ago

The whole game seems to be one big social expirement, put the government and the world in the hands of players and see how it evolves.

Apparently the playerbase isn't as big as it used to be but there are enough die hard fans in the game to make it interesting, you get known very quickly and people take notice of your actions.

It was purely required to be added to the list because it really is something everyone must experience once.