Interview: Sega's Noah Musler - Making the Connections Part 1

This year, Game Connection will be held in Lyon, France during the same week as GDC, on December 3 and 4. spoke to one of the attendees, Noah Musler, Sega's director of artists and repertoire, about his goals and expectations for the show.

The part 1 of this 2-part interview discusses:
• How long Sega has been involved with Game Connection.
• What sort of activities Sega participates in at Game Connection.
• If Sega is able to discuss any specific titles, projects, or technology they have signed and obtained from Game Connection meetings.
• If Musler feels there is any "holes" or weakness in Sega's product line-up or genres that would lead Sega to look for specific types of games at Game Connection.
• What is his goal at Game Connection.
• With the changes in E3, if he thinks there are more opportunities for Game Connection to "pick up the slack".

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