Interview: Sega's Noah Musler - Making the Connections Part 2

Noah Musler, Sega's director of artists and repertoire, on the current platforms and viability of being an independent developer:

"I think that most analysts would agree that PS3 is going to catch up to the 360, if not surpass it."

Noah Musler has been with Sega since the launch of the Dreamcast back in 1999, making the transition from hardware manufacturer to third-party developer.

During a recent interview with in which he discussed the upcoming Game Connection in Lyon, Musler also shared his views on the current hardware market and the difficulties of being an independent developer.

In part 2 of the interview, Musler discusses:
• What he thinks of the current hardware situation, and if there is room for all three consoles.
• Third-party publishing on Nintendo.
• Mario and Sonic together in the same game.
• What he thinks of the recent acquisitions of some big development studios, and if this is something Sega will pursue: purchasing more studios?
• With the rising costs of development on current generation hardware, if he thinks it is going to be a lot harder for smaller independent developers to stay afloat without support from big publishers.
• How Sega is positioned to not be hurt by hardware shortages of Xbox 360, PS3, and especially Wii.
• If he thinks the PS3 price cuts are going to help.
• If Sega is shifting away from PS2 development towards PS3.

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Hatchetforce3985d ago

Yes the round peg ignores the biggest comment in the story - Sega expects the PS3 to surpass the 360.

HarryEtTubMan3985d ago

So do you think the PS3 price cuts are going to help?
Well, they can't hurt, right? It's better than $600. To have the variety of prices out there for consumers is certainly not going to hurt the platform.
I think it has still got a little bit of time to grow. But all of our projections... I think that most analysts would agree that PS3 is going to catch up to the 360, if not surpass it, as more and more big titles come out.
Microsoft has done a good job of closing the gap between the platforms. I don't think they are in the situation they were in with the PS2 and Xbox 1, but it is still too soon to say.