Xbox360 Battles to Outsell (Five year old) GameCube in Japan

Microsoft's new console outperformed by Nintendo's five-year old system in the Land of the Rising Sun

Microsoft's next-gen console has been outsold by Nintendo Gamecube, a system released five years ago

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Eternal E 8085859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

saying ok we have new and inproved troops now lets fight the enemy on there home turff and see if we win against one of the strong holds of the scene no matter how old they are.

BIadestarX5857d ago

The 360 is doing better than what I thought in Japan... considering the fact that it's not a Japanese console. Something tells me the 360 will be doing a lot better than the original xbox which by the way it's not a bad thing; since it's doing very well everywhere else.